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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Hi everyone. Thought I would share some photos of my 7 year old granddaughter, Sarah, in her first horse show. This child loves all animals but horses is her favorite. She has begged for a horse since the age of 2. So for her birthday she finally got one last year. She now takes lessons and for her first show I think she did pretty good. There were only 6 kids in her age bracket.

For her first contest, walk and trot, she came in 6th. She was thrilled because she got a ribbon in her favorite color, green. LOL

Her second contest, which was trotting ground poles, she won 2nd place and was really excited. I couldn't go watch the show because of extreme allergies to horses and hay, so she called me as soon as she won to let me know that she won 2nd.

Her final contest was a Halloween dress up contest. So she and Buttercup dressed up as flapper girls. I tried to get her to do the flapper girl dance but she wouldn't hear of it.LOL By this time Buttercup was tired of this show, considering this was her first show too, so she dragged Sarah all around the pen. My daughter and Son in law had to go save her. So needless to say since there was only four in this contest, she came in fourth again.

Overall, Sarah had a wonerful day and was very proud of her accomplishments and so were we.