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Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Woo Hoo!!! I made a sale on ETSY. I am so excited. I just listed my items last night and already sold one of my soap dispensers. So now I am motivated!!!!! I am going to get busy making and listing several items on my ETSY shop. Stop by and take a peek. www.yorkiesprimitives.etsy.com Until next time...

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

What I Am Working On

This week I have been working on pears. I have made pear pinkeeps and pear bowl fillers. I just love the way they look. I have also made some soap dispensers. I'm listing these in my etsy store but if you would like to purchase anything I have from my blog, just email me and I will send an invoice through paypal or I accept money orders. My ETSY store is http://www.yorkiesprimitives.etsy.com/ and my email addy is valerie999@comcast.net . Tell me what you think. Here's the pics of some of them. I will be listing more pics tomorrow. What are you doing? Until next time...

Sunday, September 27, 2009


For some reason, I have been thinking about my Grandma this week. Have you ever had one of those weeks?

My Grandma was the glue that held our family together. There was always something good cooking at her house and everyone was welcome. On Sundays, she would cook up a big pot of chicken and dumplings and everyone would pile in but seemed that no matter how many came, there was alway just enough food.

When we were about 7 & 8 my youngest brother and I spent a week with her and took our crayons and books with us. Well at 70 something, she had never seen a coloring book. We just couldn't believe it. So after we talked her into coloring in our books, she became addicted to coloring. Papa and Mom and Aunt Grace laughed at her and she was going to quit but we talked her into doing it when she was by herself. Mike and I sold coke bottles and bought her her own coloring book and crayons. She told us that she knew it was silly to like coloring at her age but she just loved to see what it looked like when you put all the pretty colors together. And she was really good at it and her pictures were always beautiful. I would give anything to have one of those coloring books today. Grandma felt free to talk to Mike and me when we stayed with her. We knew things about her that no one else knew. I loved and respected my Grandma.

By my teenage years, Grandma couldn't get around very well. She had a bad heart and couldn't breathe very well. When I visited, her house would be dirty and when I asked her about it, she would tell me that she didn't like a dirty house but she just didn't have the energy to clean it. Well you know how teenagers are; think they know everything. So I am thinking, YEAH RIGHT!, you're just too lazy. So I would clean it for her. Now here I am, not even as old as my Grandma was, and my kids are telling me the same thing. And I in return am telling them I just don't have the energy. And Brittany feels bad for me and cleans it up. Funny how things seem to come back to haunt you, isn't it.

When I think of Grandma now, I think of a lady who never finished grammar shcool but had the wisdom of King Solomon and a heart that may not have worked too well, but was filled with enough love to make everyone she touched feel as if they were the most important person in the world.

Although I can never be my Grandma, I hope that when my grandkids remember me, they can look back and have just half the respect and love that I have for my Grandma. And I pray that something I have said will let them know that they are that special also. Until next time...

Saturday, September 26, 2009


Run over to http://www.oldfarmhousegathering.blogspot.com/ and check out their awesome giveaway. It is a basketfull of goodies. Until next time...

Friday, September 25, 2009


Run over to http://www.millhouseprimitives.blogspot.com and check out her blog. She is having a great giveaway you can enter while there. Until next time...

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Britt's demands

Ok. I guess I owe Brittany her demands since she was so disappointed in me for not posting pics. So Sunday dinner will be Brittany's favorites. But as Teri posted, I am highly allergic to strawberries. Do you think she's trying to kill me for revenge?LOL But I will have to think about pics of the other messy room. Hmm, maybe if she agrees to help me clean it?
But someone asked what ketsup casserole is so I am posting the recipe in my recipes. I am also posting a delicious chocolate cake. Go over and take a peek. Until next time...

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

No Sympathy!!

Sympathy will not work...I am officially on strike until one of my demands are met!!!

Demand 1: Pictures of one of your other messy rooms on the blog by tomorrow at 1300 hrs.

Demand 2: Strawberry Cheesecake for Sunday dinner for the next two weeks.

Demand 3: Lunch at McCallister's to include the chocolate cake on Friday.

Demand 4: Ketchup casserole and homemade macaroni and one Strawberry cheesecake for dinner one night within the next two weeks.

These are the demands, and I hate to use threats but your "housecleaning mouse" feels wronged and demands retribution....I have spoken!!!!

I'm in Trouble!

Well, before I ask for help from all of you, let me refresh your memory on "the snake". ( You can find that story in Stroll Through my Garden, May 27 post) And I have to tell you when that happened, I laughed so hard that I had an asthma attack and wet my pants. You just had to be there to know how funny it was.
But the downside to that innocent mistake was that she has never helped me work in my garden again! And now she is threatening me not to help me clean house again just because I forgot to take pictures.
Come on ladies, play on Brittany's sympathy and tell her she has to help me because no one else will touch my house. Tell her PLEASE! Until next time...


HAHA, she should've never given me her password...I have hacked in to Gram's blog and she would have to ask me how to change her password..lol Ok I have read her response to my post and she claims that she said "maybe", the real conversation went something like this (my memory may be a little hazy from all of the dust I inhaled while cleaning the "pit of despair" as I fondly call it :p) But I said "You should put before and after pics to show all your craft lady friends what you used to have to wade through to get to your computer and then after ones to show what miracles I perform". She the replied, "I really should, they would get a big kick out of it". So I said, "sounds like a plan". I do vaguely remember her saying something that could have been "Maybe". But I think she should have to post them simply for your enjoyment....cause let me tell you ladies...it was a DISASTER ZONE!!! However, since she apparently found a loophole (somehow she always does this), I will concede this argument and bow out gracefully. Although someone might care to remind her that the last time she won the battle, I won the war.....(REMEMBER THE SNAKE EPISODE AND WHAT IT COST YOU!!!!) LOLOL in a wickedly, sneaky, slightly evil witch laugh.....Love, Bree a.k.a "THE FAVORITE NIECE"

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My Version of Craft Room Clean-up

Ok. You have heard Brittany's disappointment of me not posting before and after pics of my craft room.
She wanted me to take before and after pics and post them on my blog. Well I said "MAYBE".
But just let me tell you, this room was a disaster area. No one would come in my room except me because they were afraid something would jump out at them.lol And Brittany really worked very hard at cleaning it. And I must say, it is a world of difference. I can actually walk in my craft room without tripping over something.LOL
So Brittany came down and changed backgrounds on my front page for me because I am computerer illiterate and don't know how. And when she opened it, she said "Gram, where are the before and after pictures of your room" (OOPS) So when I explained that I didn't do it, she said, "WHAT, you promised." And I explained that I said "MAYBE" (Loophole).
But I ask you, would you show before pics of your craft room? We're taking a vote to see who wins this argument. (Really it is a make believe argument). But join in on the fun. Leave a post in favor of me or Brittany.
But my room is so clean now, I CAN"T FIND ANYTHING! Until next time... (Still no pics)LOLOLOL



P.S. JUST KIDDING BUT YOU SHOULD HARASS HER ABOUT WHY SHE DIDNT SHOW YOU THE "PIT OF DESPAIR" (that's a "Princess Bride" reference for any of you who know it)


Sunday, September 20, 2009

Here's another one

Go over to http://www.rosepetalsandrustprimitives.blogspot.com/ and enter her giveaway for a great rusty scale. Until next time...

Another great giveaway

Here's another great giveaway at www.leehillprimitives.blogspot.com She has an awesome doll, gameboard and more. Check it out. Until next time...

Tis the Season

Wow! This is the season for giveaways! I just found another one at http://www.auntmannys.blogspot.com/ Go over and check out her blog and enter her giveaway for potion joars and hang tags. Until next time...

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Another giveaway

There is another great give at http://www.aprimitivegathering.blogspot.com/ Go over and check out her blog and enter the giveaway while there. Until next time...

Another giveaway

Run over to www.thekrazykraftlady.blogspot.com and enter for a chance to win one of her mice creations. Absolutely adorable little mouse in a pumpkin. Until next time...


I just entered another giveaway. Run over to www.countercrafts.blogspot.com and enter this great giveaway. Until next time...

Friday, September 18, 2009

My surprise!

When I received my package from Penny for the fall swap on Char's blog, I stated that I was so happy to get the fabric because it is virtually impossible to buy prim fabric in my area. Well I received an email from my friend Maureen telling me that she had some fabric that she was going to send me.
I got the package today and was thrilled with all the fabric that she sent! I have looked unsuccessfully for white and blue fabric with small designs and lo and behold she sent me some!!
I can just imagine a little strawberry annie with the strawberry fabric holding a strawberry pinkeep. My mind is reeling with everything I can make with all the fabric. And I couldn't believe the moose fabric! Can't you see a Christmas moose with either a santa or a raggedy? I am so excited thinking of ideas to use all this fabric. And I will be posting pics as I finish the projects.
I think it's just amazing how prim sisters help out other prim sisters with items that they can't find. THANK YOU Maureen. This was just so sweet. Take a look at all the fabric I received. Until next time...

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Blog giveaway

I just entered a blog giveaway for a great dough bowl rack in the colore or your choice at www.firecrackerkid.blogspot.com Run over and check out her blog and enter while you're there. Until next time...

Blog giveaway!

I just entered a blog giveaway at www.firecrackerkid.blogspot.com for a great doughbowl rack in the color of your choice. Run over and check out her blog and enter while there. Until next time...

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I Got My Package from Char's Fall Swap!!!

Oh Wow! I entered a fall swap on Char's blog last month and received my package today from Pennie Holland of http://www.littlepenpen.blogspot.com/ . OH MY GOSH! It was AWESOME!!! She really went above and beyond anything that I would have expected. And her work is just awesome. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You Pennie. She sent me items that I absolutely love without even knowing it.

First is this little stoneware (I think) cup (that I think might have been a creamer because it has a pouring spout on the end) with a fall arrangement in it. I was sad that even though Pennie had it wrapped with bubbles and extra wrapping, it got broken during shipping but I love it so much that I glued it back together. How was she suppose to know that I collect this type of stoneware!

Next I opened a package with a stitchery of little squirrels! I love squirrels! They are such michevious little rascals. Won't this picture be adorable sitting among a fall gathering? And along with the stitchery, she sent me patterns for stitcheries for each month of the year. They are so cute.

She also sent a black crow tea lite holder with 12 tea lights, a recipe pad, a pack of buttons and and adorable little heart pin for me to wear. It is too cute. This is one of those items that I love but do not have the patience to work on.LOL

And finally I got some fat quarters that I am so thankful for. Since there are no craft shops in my area and not many do prim, it is difficult to find fabric that works for prim crafts. And the blue flower print is the perfect fabric for little bird pinpokes that I have been dying to make and couldn't find the right fabric for. Thanks Pennie.
Pennie you are a very talented lady! I love everything and you really did a great job. So far I have been in 2 of Char's swaps and have truly enjoyed swapping with both ladies. I can't wait to see if there is going to be a Christmas swap! I just hope you enjoy your package as much as I have mine Pennie. Until next time...

Friday, September 4, 2009


Antique Pallet is having a great giveaway of a handpainted scoop with a scarecrow on it. Go on over and enter to win. http://www.theantiquepallet.blogspot.com/ Here'a a pic. Isn't that adorable. Until next time...

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Halloween Giveaway

PFATT is having an awesome Halloween giveaway. Go on over to http://pfatt.blogspot.com/ and enter for a chance to win. Until next time...