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Friday, March 30, 2012

What a Day!

It's snowing pollen here and my body is in total rebellion!LOL Needless to say Knoxville is rated the number 1 worst city in the U.S. for pollen and allergies and this is where I happen to live.(UGH)
So I woke up this morning suffocating and coughing my head off. But I had to go to the post office and mail 2 packages so I loaded up on medicine and headed out. Well I always make my labels out and put them in the box with the proper merchandise so I don't send them to the wrong place. But when I can't breathe well, my mind doesn't work well either. But then again it doesn't work well most of the time anyway.LOL But I tried to make sure that I did them correctly.
So I packaged them up, put the labels on and headed to the post office. I get in there and the lady knows me by now so she asked,"Valerie are both of these suppose to be going to the same city and state". I panicked!! I thought I had sent them to the same person! So she was sweet enough to check the street numbers against the city and state and there were actually two different addresses with the same city and state!! How often can that happen?
But I was still scared to death that I goofed and was going to have to go out again in this killer air that I checked it again when I came home and sure enough I sent them to the correct addresses and there are actually two different sddresses with the same city of Aberdeen, SD. Can you believe this?? WHEW!!!!!
Nobody told me getting old was going to be this difficult and if they did I didn't believe it.ROFLMBO!!! Well now I am a firm believer, the golden years aren't so golden afterall. Only your hair gets golden (unless you know Miss Clairol).LOL
I hope everyone has a great weekend!

I Have Been Featured

I have been featured on By Your Hands! Head over and check out Bette's blog.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

First Winner Prize and New Idea

Deb chose to take the pear pinkeep as her gift for the most votes. I am now waiting on Laura to choose what she wants.
While I am waiting to give these three gifts away, I am thinking of having a summer swap. I haven't had a swap in a long time and they are sooooo much fun. I love getting items from other artists and I love making items to swap out. So start thinking of joining my swap and what you would like to make for someone for summer! I will give all the details soon so put on your creative hats.LOL

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Votes Are In

First let me apologize for not posting this yesterday. I have been in income taxes up to my eyeballs for the last week! Whew, it's over now and wasn't too bad!
Now I want to thank these three very talented artists for entering my destash challenge and I am soooo impressed with the what they came up with! This was a very close challenge with the voting going up and down until the end so everyone can be very proud of what you created and know that you are all three winners!!
Now as the rules stated, I am listing 4 prizes for these three to choose from for their gift for entering my challenge.
Deb from My Stitches to Treasure got the most votes so she gets to choose which gift she wants. Laura Price from Priceless Paradise Farm was second so she gets to choose which gift she wants after Deb chooses hers and then Kendra gets to choose which one she wants from the two that are left.
Be sure and check out these ladies links to see the rest of their creations.
Now here are the gifts that I chose to give away. Deb please choose the one you want and send me an email at valerie999@comcast.net with your address so I can put your gift in the mail. I will notify Laura and let her choose and so on.
I had a blast doing this challenge! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did! Thanks!!!
Here is one of the prizes. It is a wood carrot and bunny head that I cut and painted. It has rusty wire hangers.

The second prize is an egg that will be made from a cutter quilt like the one I am posting. I am making it tonight.

The third prize is a set of 6 felted Easter ornament magnets that I have stittched with a blanket stitch out of acrylic felt and tiny beads.

And finally the fourth prize is a green pear pinkkeep that I have attached to a candle stick and painted black then added jute around the pear.

I will post which prize each one took as soon as they choose.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

More Destash Pics

Here is a picture of what I made from scraps of wood that I had on hand. Of course I still have more to go.LOL

And here is a picture of what I made with an old cutter quilt that I have had for several years. I love this egg and plan on making more.

I still have a couple of more items but I am going to wait until tommorrow to post them.LOl I have really enjoyed coming up with items to make out of scraps of fabric, wood and quilts that I have laying around. I plan on continuing making items from my stash until I get it under control.
Remember to vote for your favorite destash item on my sidebar if you haven't voted yet!

Monday, March 19, 2012

It's Up and Ready to Vote

I had 4 entries in my destash challenge. I think these creations are adorable!
The first entry was Kendra from Stonehouse Prims. She sent in two entries. Her first is an adorable penny mat that she made from wool and embroidery floss. All of this penny mat was made from wool clothing except for a couple of the eggs. The backing was made from homespun curtains. Wow what creativity!

Her second entry is a sign that she made for a birthday present. She made it from an old board from an old headboard that she disected.LOL I don't think I would have ever thought of that! Someone is going to have a great birthday!

You can find Kendra at www.thestonehouseprims.blogspot.com Head over and check out her blog.
My second person to send in what she created is Deb Bures from Stitches to Treasure.
She took an old watering can and filled it with prim sunflowers, a crow, bumble bee and an Annie Doll. This is such a cute summer display!

Here are the links where you can find Deb.
Head over and check out Deb's Etsy shop for more of her adorable creations an check out her blog.
My last entry is Laura Price. She took some pictures that she has taken on her farm and put them in some old frames she had laying around. She sanded the frames to make them look old. Her entry is the group of pictures,one color and 2 black and white.

Here are the individual pictures so you can see them better.

Although it does not show well, this picture is black and white.
I would give anything to know what went through that little boy's mind when he found that chicken egg laying on that tree trunk.LOL
So here are the four entries. Voting will go through this Sunday. Just go to my sidebar and vote for the one you like best. I want to thank the three ladies who entered my destash challenge and I hope they had as much fun as I did using up some of my old stash laying around my house.
Check out Laura's farm website at www.pricelessparadisefarm.com

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Time for Voting

I am posting the pictures and the voting section on my sidebar and these ladies came up with some adorable items made from their stash of supplies. I have had so much fun with this challenge. I have really worked on destashing my excess supplies and plan to continue to destash until it gets to a normal stash.LOL
The voting starts Monday and goes through next Sunday so please come back Monday and vote for your favorite destash item. Tell your friends and promote on your blog! These ladies have worked hard to make some adorable items.
I will be telling what they used during the week to make these items. So be sure and came back to see how they used their creativity to make these items.
Here are three of the items that I made from my stash. I will be listing a few every day for the next week. And i am saving the prizes for last so the winners will be surprised!LOL
This pin cushion was made from fabric that I made an Easter dress from years ago.

This Lil' Chick's dress was made from the same fabric. I love this Lil' Chick!

I made this from a quart jar that I had and some chicken feeders that I bought several years ago.

So check back Monday for more pics and to vote for your favorite!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Monday Morning Merchant

Today for my Monday Morning Merchant from PAFA on Etsy is Vicky from Paintspots n Splinters.
Not only is Vicky a mother of 6 with a set of twins(WOW), she is also a very talented painter.
Vicky named her business after hours of deliberation and then decided to go with what she uses most in her creations, paint and wood, thus Paintspots n Splinters.
She is inspired by anything and everyone. Her passion is whimsy but she also dabbles in primsy (a combination of prim and whimsy). She uses mostly wood but does paint some on fabric. She uses mostly acrylic paint but does use oil paint on some of her finer paintings.
As you can see from these pictures, her work is AWESOME! She is a very talented painter and you can tell from her creative items that she loves what she does. here are some of my favorite items in her Etsy shop. I absolutely LOVE the little chick coming out of his shell!

Here are the links where you can find Vicky. So head over and check out all her adorable items she has for sale and be sure and check out her blog.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Updat on Brittany and Kendall

First I would like to thank each and everyone of you for your prayers and your concern for Britt and Kendall. (I spelled Kendell's name wrong in the original post.LOL)
But Kendall is doing fine. God was truly watching over Britt and Kendall during this wreck. You would had to have seen the car to know just how much. Kendall was in the back seat and the man hit them without even putting on his brakes. The back of the car was pushed up to the seat but stopped on Kendall's side right at the back of her! The glass shattered and fell aoo over her but she didn't even get a scratch on her! The metal and back was crushed from the left side right over to Kendall but stopped right before it got to her! It sends chills up my spine when I think of it.
But this just goes to show that God still performs miracles every day!!!
Britt's seat exploded from the impact and a piece of metal cut her hip but it is healing perfectly. She was pushed up against the dash and her legs are deeply bruised. I am really worried about her right calf because it is swelled twice the size of her left leg but they checked it and there are no blood clots!
When Britt saw the car she sobbed uncontrollable! Not only was she devastated over her car (she loved that car) but she realized just how close she and Kendall came to being seriously injured or killed. She also realized that God was watching over them! So please continue praying for Britt. She is in a lot of pain with her back and legs and still has a lot of healing to go. They told her that it will probably take 4 to 6 weeks for her legs to get back to normal so she still needs prayers.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Britt Needs Your Prayers

Everyone who follows me knows my niece, Britt, is my sidekick.
Britt was in an accident today. Britt was stopped, turning left, and a man in a large truck was not watching what he was doing and plowed over her little Kia. Britt had a little girl, Kendra, with her and they are both ok but Britt was hurt worse.
The impact flipped her seat out of the car and Britt received a cut on her back. She is also having severe pain in her back and legs. Her car is totalled and by the grace of God, they are both alive! So please, everyone, say a special prayer for Brittany tonight. Thanks, Valerie