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Monday, May 31, 2010

Have a Wonderful Memorial Day

I want to take this opportunity to wish everyone a wonderful, blessed and safe Memorial Day.
While you are celebrating this day with your families, please take the time to say a prayer and a big Thank You to all the soldiers that have sacrificed their lives so that we may have the freedom to do what we want today.
And although I know that this is a day to remember all that have given their lives, I hope that you will also remember those who are in foreign countries right now still fighting for our freedom. Remember their families today because they can't be with their loved ones to celebrate. FREEDOM IS NOT FREE. Someone has to pay the price. Until next time...

Saturday, May 29, 2010

My new candle holder

I have just finished some candle holders that I love. Take a peek at one. I will have them all ready for sale by Tuesday. I have them in blue, barn red, white and mustard. They have all been aged and rubbed with stain to give it that prim look. See what you think.

Monday, May 24, 2010

I Was The Closest Guess!!

I belong to Old Farmhouse Gathering, a group of ladies that are very talented and sell on etsy. If you haven't checked this group out, click on the link to the left side of my blog and you will not be disappointed.
Well Denise from www.pioneerloft.blogspot.com purchased a dresser at an auction and had a challenge for everyone to guess how much she paid for it. And believe it or not, I made the closest guess!! I am shocked. So for making the closest guess, I am featured on her blog today.
Head on over to visit Denise's blog and see how much she paid for this old dresser. You will be shocked! Thanks Denise for featuring me on your blog. Until next time...

We Did It!!

Well we got through the first session and I am telling you it was tougher than I thought.LOL They really put you through the wringer. Chester even said it was harder than what he had been doing at the hospital out patient therapy.
I stopped on several of them and he laughed at me. But I know my body and what it can and cannot take so I am not pushing it. I told Chester I am trying to strengthen my body, not kill it.LOL So we go tommorrow and ride bicycles and walk on treadmills. I'll have to see how that goes. Until next time...

Sunday, May 23, 2010

New Adventure

Last month my husband had to have a heart stint put in for a major blockage. So they strongly suggested that he take cardio therapy. Well he has been taking it for 3 weeks now but we found out that our insurance plan actually pays for us to belong to a health club for free!
So we joined the club Saturday and we start our first session tommorrow morning. My kids and grandkids have laughed so hard over this. They told us we need to take pictures and send them to funniest home videos.LOL But I told them that when we get fit and trim, the last laugh will be ours.
Most of you know that I have bad lung problems. Most of the problem is due to severe allergies. I am allergic to almost everything. And my reactions are so severe that I have to take epinepherine shots and breathing treatments to breathe again. And I have these attacks so frequently that my lung power is way low.
The program is called Silver Sneakers.LOL My kids think this is hilarious. But this program is structured for older people with health problems so they start at a very slow speed and let you work your way up. I am hoping and praying that not only will this help Chester with his heart, but it will strengthen my lungs also.
So wish us luck with our new adventure and if I make it, I will let you know how it goes tommorrow.LOLOLOL Until next time...

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Look What I Found

While reading different blogs a couple of weeks ago, I found an old wringer washer on http://www.valleyprimitivesgiftshoppe.blogspot.com/ that I just had to have. Well I begged my daughter to go to some antique shops with me and I found one!! I couldn't believe it. And it didn't cost an arm and leg like I was afraid it would.
So here is a picture of my newest treasure I found. I'm not sure that is where I will leave it but it was the best place to put it to take the picture.
Thanks Kim for sharing pics. If you haven't checked out her blog, go on over. She has a really neat blog. Until next time...

Monday, May 17, 2010

Look What I Got In The Mail!!

My friend, Maureen from http://www.stitchesnmore.co/ asked me last week if I would like to have some magazines that she was going to discard. Well I love magazines so I was thrilled. She told me she had included some fabric also, but I never dreamed it would be everything she sent.

Today I got my package and I am doubly thrilled!!! I have already looked through the magazines and LOVE them! And you will not believe all the fabric she sent. She sent fabric for Christmas, Fourth of July and lots of everyday fabric. There is one piece with little chickens on it and I LOVE chickens! We don't have the selection of prim fabrics here that they have up north so I love getting fabrics from there. Isn't it just so nice when a prim sister surprises you with a gift like this?
Thank You so much Maureen. This has made my day. I can't wait to start sewing this fabric up!
Here's pics of what I received.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

I am so distraught

I have attended graduation services for many, many years.LOL Every one of them being the same. First, the National Anthem is sung, then the Valedictorian is introduced and he or she leads everyone in prayer and gives his or her speech. Next the adults give their speech and then the diplomas are handed out. I know this is a long drawn out process but it's tradional.
Well not today. We went to watch two of our grandsons granduate and it started with the speaker. So I thought maybe they were doing it different. So I waited. Then they gave credit to the the students that received scholarships. I waited. And then they handed out the diplomas and I'm still waiting! Well that was it. No Valedictorian speech, no singing of the National Anthem and no prayer. I was flabbergasted!!!
I realize that there is a huge controversy over having public prayer which I think is ridiculous!!!
But there is a loophole in there that they have been using for the last several years. An adult cannot lead in public prayer but if a student does, there is nothing anyone can do about it. And that is what the Valedictorian has done so that prayer could be conducted. But as far as I know, there is no law concerning the National Anthem. They still sing it at ballgames and other places. But they didn't sing it at this graduation service.
Well my disbelief soon turned into pure RAGE. Our country is in such turmoil right now that we have got to stand together. We have men, women, young men and young women fighting right now so that we can be free, plus all the men and women who have died over the last 100 years for the same reason and you are telling me that we can't show our respect and loyalty to these people by singing the National Anthem! This is a disgrace!! We are told on one hand to honor and support our troops and then our hands are tied behind our back as to what we can do all in the name of politcal correctness. Well I am over it. We need to stand together as a nation and those who are not comfortable with what our nation was built on need to go live somewhere that does not have this custom .
And then you have the subject of public prayer. I am a Christian but I personally do not believe in shoving religion down others throats. I believe God can touch that person better the we can by being holier than thou. But once again, this country was founded on freedom of religion and "ONE NATION UNDER GOD"!!!!! Well it's time we give God the glory for what this nation was when it was founded. Do all the people in the government not have the intelligence to look at the history of this nation and realize that when we did freely honor God for what we had, we had everything. We were considered the strongest nation in the world. And then they took God out of the schools and look at our schools now. It's not safe to send your children there anymore. You have to worry every day if they are going to come home safe or if they are going to be gunned down.
Then they took God out of the government because it was not politically correct. And then we had 9-11. We have had terrorists attack us from every boundary. And each time some tragedy happens, they want us to pray for God's help. Well how can God help us if we have taken him out of this country? Jesus said that if we are ashamed of Him, then He will be ashamed of us.
We need to stand together and get God back in our country. We need to stand tall and proud when they sing the National Anthem. We need to honor and support all the soldiers, dead and alive, who have risked their lives and left their loved ones so that we can have this freedom. And those that do not want to stand behind our nation's beliefs need to go back where they came from. They came here because this was the land of the free and now they are taking our freedom away from us.
I know by now that you can tell just how upset I am over this and I am not trying to offend anyone but I am proud that I am a Christian. And I am even more honored that we have men and women who are willing to fight to give me the freedom to have that choice. And I refuse to let this freedom go without a fight.
We need to get off our duffs and write our congressmen and senators and the President of the U.S. and let them know that enough is enough!!!!! How can we teach our children to be proud of our country if we are too ashamed of it to sing the National Anthem at their graduation? And how can we teach them to pray when this country needs help when we have taught them that it is wrong to pray? God help us through this because I don't know anyone else who can.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I just have to tell you

I recently posted about a weird night I had with the telephone and how I went out at 2 a.m. to check it out and Nancy from stitchesnstrokes threatened to come down and talk to me about that.
Well I just have to tell you that I laughed when the girls were telling me I shouldn't do that. I have lived in my neighborhood all my life. And in my defense, we have never had anything stolen in my 58 years but once.
As a child and teenager, it was nothing for me to go out at 1 or 2 a.m. and go walking through the neighborhood. I use to go up a high hill across the road and lay in the grass and stare at the lake below because it was so pretty at night. I have actually fallen asleep up there and woke up at daylight. So this is why I never thought a thing about going out to check things out that night.
Well I have just found out that someone has been stealing in our neighborhood! The night after I paraded around at 2a.m., they stole our neighbors rotor tiller, tarp and all!!! And the first thing I thought about was Nancy telling me never to do that again without waking up Chester first.LOL
This is about the 5th house they have hit right around us. And I have to say they better hope I am not the one that catches them. When the Bible says that "hell hath no fury like the scorn of a woman", it was talking about me!!lol
I am furious that after 58 years, someone is making my neighborhood unsafe to get out when I want. It is nothing for me to go out at 2 or 3 in the morning and sit on the porch just to cool off. I have actually slept on my porch swing with a pillow and blanky when I get hot so I could cool off.
But I guess Nancy wins this one because I cannot go out in the middle of the night until they catch whoever this is. And they better hope it's the law that catches them, not me!!!!!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Great Giveaway

Hi everyone, go over to www.sweetprairiedwellings.blogspot.com and enter her great giveaway. You'll love her blog. Until next time...

Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Special Moather's Day Present

I hope everyone had a very Blessed Mother's Day. Mine was great. My kids bought KFC and I made the sides to go with it plus a coconut cake and an Italian Lemon Creme Cake for dessert. It was sooo yummy.

But I just have to show you what my 9 year old granddaughter, Sarah, made my daughter, Laura, for Mother's Day. She wrote this poem herself and then I turned it into a pattern and showed her a simple embroidery stitch and she stitched it herself. I am soooo proud of her and for her age I think she did an exellent job. Laura Kay was thrilled.
I am making a doll pattern to go with this and it should be ready to sell within a week. This is my very first pattern that I have made for sale. See what you think.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Mother's Day is a day we set aside to honor all Mother's for the special love that only they can give.
My Mom passed over into Heaven almost 7 years ago and although I know that I am suppose to take comfort in knowing that she is in a better place and is no longer in pain, I am having a very hard time finding that comfort this year for some reason.
My Mom was not only my Mother, she was my best friend. We lived next door to each other and after her retirement, we spent every day together. Every day she would pop into my kitchen and say, "It's break time", and we would sit and chat. In the warmer months we sat at my pond everyday and watched the birds and squirrels play. We shopped together, went to rummage sales almost every week and we ate lunch together at least three times a week. She loved the fried chicken salad and rolls at O Charlie's. And try as hard as I can, I cannot adjust to my Mom not being here to do these things with me. My kids try to fill in the gap and I am so lucky to have them love me that much. But hard as they try, they can't relpace my Mom.
So if you are lucky enough to still have your Mom, make tommorrow a very special day for her and let her know just how much she means to you. Give her a big hug and cherish the time you spend together.
I want to wish each and every Mother a very Happy Mother's Day this year. God bless each and every one of you.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Weird night

I just have to tell you about my weird night last night.
My brother, Mike, lives next door and he is diabetic so when his sugar drops, sometimes he calls me for help.
Well it started storming last night about 1:00a.m. Since I have insomnia, I was playing a game on Playstation 3.LOL So at 2:00a.m., my phone rang and it showed Mike's number on caller ID.
So it scared me and when I picked up the phone all I could hear was Japanese talking.LOL Well I spoke twice and they never even heard me. So I hung up and called Mike and got the Japanese again. How weird is that? So I called again and got nothing and then my phone went dead and stayed dead all night and half the morning. I started to go over but I was afraid that he would get mad because he has to get up at 4:30 to go to work.
I wouldn't have been so scared except right after the phone call all the dogs in the neighborhood starting howling. Well dogs don't howl unless something is wrong most of the time. So I went outside and looked over to make sure everything was ok and didn't see anything. I guess the storm upset the dogs. Who knows? But last night I thought I was living in a twilight zone.LOL
I'm sure the storm messed up the phone but it was freaky last night. But everyone was ok and that's all that matters. Until next time...