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Friday, April 30, 2010

It's Square Dance Time

Here you go. This is a 4 and 5 year old's version of square dancing. Hope you enjoy.

Form a circle, go all the way around and half way back
Put that sweet little bird in a cage
Now set that sweet little bird free and put that crow in the cage
Do Si Do
Promanade Dance till the music stops

I missed a couple of pictures of two more steps but you get the picture of how funny this is. I just hope we get it together before the show. These kids are a hoot to work with. Until next time...

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Chester's play date

Several months ago I saw fireplace on a blog that I fell in love with. I don't remember the lady's blog but if you know who it is, email me and I will be glad to give her credit. Anyway she had a ladder and gameboard on her fireplace and I loved it.

Then my friend Nancy, from http://www.stitchesnstrokes.blogspot.com/ posted some gameboards she made on her blog and I fell in love with this particular gameboard. So she told me that the stencil is from wwww.homesteadstencilco.com. But I needed a larger gameboard to coincide with my ladderback chair ladder that I made.
So Friday night while Chester was having a play date jammin' with his friends, I finished a gameboard that I had made larger with a frame around it and added a faux rusty star in the middle. I just love the way this turned out. I might add that I wasted three boards making the frame. I'm just not very good at that yet.LOL
So I have decorated my fireplace to display memories of my family.
On the right hand side is my oldest daughter's baby onesie displayed on a paper mache dress form. I put the checkerboard behind that with a doll that I received from a swap beside it.
On the left hand side is my younger daughter's girl scout book and sash displayed on the ladder and behind the ladder. Beside that is my Mom's doll that my Grandmother bought her the last Christmas she was alive. That was Laura Kay's favorite toy to play with at her Nanny's. Her first walking shoes lay in front.
In the middle is a digital frame that I hope to download pictures on soon of my entire family. And around them are figurines that Laura Kay, Brenda and Brittany have bought me for different Christmas's. I love my fireplace now. See what you think.
Chester's play date.

My playdate

So needless to say, I have strongly encouraged Chester to have another playdate so I can finish the bottome part of my fireplace with no interruptions.LOL Until next time...

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Kodak Moment

I just had to share this kodak moment with you.

I have been teaching my 9 year old granddaughter how to embroider. Well she was working on a stitchery Sunday when Brittany asked if she could try it. So Sarah told her sure. Then Britt asked how do you do it? So Sarah very patiently showed her how to do each stitch.
How precious is that? I guess you are never too young to become a primitive sister sharing your knowledge.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I've Got A Surprise Coming

Hi I am so excited. I am making my first pattern. I'm not telling what it is yet but it should be finished next week. As soon as I finish it, I will post it on this blog. Wish me luck!
I have also listed a few new things on my sales blog. Go over and take a peek www.yorkiesprimitivessalesblog.blogspot.com Until next time...

Saturday, April 10, 2010

It's Brain Picking Time

Ok ladies, it's brain picking time.LOL I found this old coffee can in an out building on an old farm that my daughter and her husband bought. I love this can and want to make something that can be left out all year in my kitchen, but I am BRAIN DEAD!LOL So I thought I would pick your brains to see if you can help me.

I thought about flowers but that's not appealing to me. So give me some ideas. What would be really primtastic in this old coffee can for my kitchen? Until next time...

Saturday, April 3, 2010


Years ago when my kids became teenagers, they thought they were too big to color eggs. So needless to say my sister in law and I got very depressed that we no longer had kids to color eggs with. Then I told her we didn't need kids, we could color our own.

So off to the store we went and bought the eggs and egg dye kit. We came home and had a blast coloring the eggs. Then it hit us: We didn't have anyone to hunt the eggs. So we were depressed again.
So I went in the other room and told my darling husband that we had a dilemna. We didn't have anyone to hunt our colored eggs. So when I ask if he would hunt the eggs, he said he guessed he would. Well we had a blast hiding the eggs and then we gave my 6 foot 4 inch husband a little Easter basket to hunt the eggs with. Isn't he sweet? My sister in law laughed so hard she almost wet her pants.LOL All Chester said was that is was a shame what he had to do to live in this house.LOL
So whatever your Easter tradition is, I hope you have a very blessed Easter with your loved ones.
But while you are having your family dinner or hunting your eggs, please say a prayer to thank Jesus for the ultimate sacrifice that he made. He is the reason for celebrating this season. I cannot thank Him enough for all the blessings that He has given me throughout my life. He is a friend that will never turn His back on you. God Bless everyone of you and have a very

Thursday, April 1, 2010

My Makeover

I just have to share a makeover of this chest. This belonged to my son in law when he was a boy. His Dad gave it to my daughter and she gave it to me. After she saw what I did with it, she wanted to know why I always wait to make things look so good after she gives them to me. Well I wasn't born yesterday.LOL

I decided to leave the inside finish like it was but since I have brought it inside and see how rough it is I think I am going to put a coat of black paint on the inside and just leave it black. But I love the way this turned out.
I have waited all winter for it to get warm enough for me to re do this.
Here's before:

I painted it black, sanded it and then put two coats of barn red on it. Then sanded it to make the black and wood come through to age it. I just love this old cabinet. I am going to use it to put old bowls and crocks in. I will show pics after I add the items.
Now can anyone tell me what fabric women in the old days used to make table runners out of. I am wanting to embroider some runners to put under my crocks. I'm not sure if table runners is what it's called.LOL
So what do you think of my re do? Until next time...