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Thursday, April 1, 2010

My Makeover

I just have to share a makeover of this chest. This belonged to my son in law when he was a boy. His Dad gave it to my daughter and she gave it to me. After she saw what I did with it, she wanted to know why I always wait to make things look so good after she gives them to me. Well I wasn't born yesterday.LOL

I decided to leave the inside finish like it was but since I have brought it inside and see how rough it is I think I am going to put a coat of black paint on the inside and just leave it black. But I love the way this turned out.
I have waited all winter for it to get warm enough for me to re do this.
Here's before:

I painted it black, sanded it and then put two coats of barn red on it. Then sanded it to make the black and wood come through to age it. I just love this old cabinet. I am going to use it to put old bowls and crocks in. I will show pics after I add the items.
Now can anyone tell me what fabric women in the old days used to make table runners out of. I am wanting to embroider some runners to put under my crocks. I'm not sure if table runners is what it's called.LOL
So what do you think of my re do? Until next time...


NancyD said...

Nice job, Yorkie! That's a great cabinet, would look great with the black interior and bowls and crocks. Hmmm, think I could squeeze it in somewhere here.... :)

Terri said...

Great job - it looks fabulous! Not sure what they would have made table runners out of. Do you think dyed muslin would give you the look you want?

basketsbyrose said...

Look for some cotton toweling at Jo-Ann, this just be the look your are look for. Or look for some vintage towels, on ebay or etsy.

yorkie's primitives said...

Thanks Rose. I'll check it out