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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

New Endeavor

As a child, my Grandpa played a fiddle. I loved hearing him play and when I was sad he would play to make me feel better. My Mom and Grandma always talked about Papa playing for the barn dances and how he was the best fiddler and caller in the community. Papa's always wanted someone in the family to play the fiddle too.
Well several years ago Chester took me to a country show in Pigeon Forge and they had a young boy that played the fiddle in almost the same style that my Papa did. It made me miss my Papa so much that I told Chester I wanted a fiddle. Well he laughed and told me I didn't know how to play one so he wouldn't buy me one. Well after several weeks of nagging, I got my fiddle for Mother's Day that year and started taking fiddle lessons.
Needless to say, I am not the fiddler that my Papa was but I can play it decent. So I am now starting a new endeavor.
My daughter, Laura, runs a daycare. So we have decided to teach the children how to square dance and line dance. You have to remember these are 3-5 year old children.LOL But I am so excited to be calling and playing a fiddle for square dancing. I believe my Papa is smiling down on me and giving me his blessings. I can't wait to see these kids trying to square dance. This is going to be a hoot. And at their age, they aren't going to care how good I am or am not.LOL
We are going to put on a short skit and Laura is going to charge admittance to help raise money for day care equipment. Wish me luck. Until next time...


Terri said...

Good for you! That sounds like fun! :) If nothing else it will get the little ones moving and that's always good for them!

Harvest Your Blessings said...

I think it's wonderful to share legacies with little ones! You never know how tall those tiny seeds will grow with encouragement. I have no doubt that your Papa is smiling down, tapping his feet and touching his heart ♥
Blessings, Dawn

Unknown said...

You go girl!! I think it's just great that you do that with the kids. It may be the only time they experience it and it's a wonderful time for everyone.

yorkie's primitives said...

Thanks girls for the encouragement. Dawn that is so sweet of you to say. Thank you, Valerie

Unknown said...

Lot's of fun to be had by everyone! Good luck!

Anonymous said...

How so very wonderful that you learned to play the fiddle - your Papa has to be so proud of you! I think its wonderful your sharing your gift with those little ones!

My Colonial Home said...

What a special honor to your PAPA...I'm sure he's smiling down on you.
I hope someone takes pictures of these precious children - Good for you and it's something children should know about. It is part of all of our heritage.

Jean Barker said...

I think it's wonderful you learned to play the fiddle and using it to teach and entertain children. Your Papa would definitely be proud.

I sent you my mailing address. Sorry for the delay. Thank you.

Prim Blessings,