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Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Special Moather's Day Present

I hope everyone had a very Blessed Mother's Day. Mine was great. My kids bought KFC and I made the sides to go with it plus a coconut cake and an Italian Lemon Creme Cake for dessert. It was sooo yummy.

But I just have to show you what my 9 year old granddaughter, Sarah, made my daughter, Laura, for Mother's Day. She wrote this poem herself and then I turned it into a pattern and showed her a simple embroidery stitch and she stitched it herself. I am soooo proud of her and for her age I think she did an exellent job. Laura Kay was thrilled.
I am making a doll pattern to go with this and it should be ready to sell within a week. This is my very first pattern that I have made for sale. See what you think.


NancyD said...

Oh that is so fantastic, I can just feel how emotional LK was when she got it. Sarah did a beautiful job of it, I am so impressed!!!!
We had KFC too! And rhubarb crisp. Your desserts sound so delicious..mmmm....
So glad you had a nice Mother's Day! ♥

Anonymous said...

nice post keep blogging, and please my blog too, thanks!!!!

Angie Berry said...

Hi Valerie! I see where you joined my blog so I thought I would hop on over here and meet you!

How sweet is that! What a neat idea and I'm sure her mom will treasure that for as long as she lives!

Glad you had a wonderful Mother's Day!