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Friday, March 30, 2012

What a Day!

It's snowing pollen here and my body is in total rebellion!LOL Needless to say Knoxville is rated the number 1 worst city in the U.S. for pollen and allergies and this is where I happen to live.(UGH)
So I woke up this morning suffocating and coughing my head off. But I had to go to the post office and mail 2 packages so I loaded up on medicine and headed out. Well I always make my labels out and put them in the box with the proper merchandise so I don't send them to the wrong place. But when I can't breathe well, my mind doesn't work well either. But then again it doesn't work well most of the time anyway.LOL But I tried to make sure that I did them correctly.
So I packaged them up, put the labels on and headed to the post office. I get in there and the lady knows me by now so she asked,"Valerie are both of these suppose to be going to the same city and state". I panicked!! I thought I had sent them to the same person! So she was sweet enough to check the street numbers against the city and state and there were actually two different addresses with the same city and state!! How often can that happen?
But I was still scared to death that I goofed and was going to have to go out again in this killer air that I checked it again when I came home and sure enough I sent them to the correct addresses and there are actually two different sddresses with the same city of Aberdeen, SD. Can you believe this?? WHEW!!!!!
Nobody told me getting old was going to be this difficult and if they did I didn't believe it.ROFLMBO!!! Well now I am a firm believer, the golden years aren't so golden afterall. Only your hair gets golden (unless you know Miss Clairol).LOL
I hope everyone has a great weekend!


alltheseboys said...


yorkie's primitives said...

That's all you can do! Just laugh and go on. Hugs, Valerie

jennifer768 said...

LOL! Hope that you are feeling better!Hugs,Jen

Kendra said...

It's not grey hair, it's natural highlights...all in the wording :)

I feel for you, we are up here in IL and Hiney (12) has been miserable already with allergy issues. We just pray everyday that it doesn't wreak havock with his asthma! Hope it passes soon for you.


yorkie's primitives said...

Hey thanks Kendra! I will have to remember the hightlighting when my hair is overdue for coloring.LOL I sure hope your son does not get bad. It is a nightmare here when we don't have cold winters. But you just got to find something to laugh about so you don't get down. Hugs, Valerie