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Wednesday, September 23, 2009


HAHA, she should've never given me her password...I have hacked in to Gram's blog and she would have to ask me how to change her password..lol Ok I have read her response to my post and she claims that she said "maybe", the real conversation went something like this (my memory may be a little hazy from all of the dust I inhaled while cleaning the "pit of despair" as I fondly call it :p) But I said "You should put before and after pics to show all your craft lady friends what you used to have to wade through to get to your computer and then after ones to show what miracles I perform". She the replied, "I really should, they would get a big kick out of it". So I said, "sounds like a plan". I do vaguely remember her saying something that could have been "Maybe". But I think she should have to post them simply for your enjoyment....cause let me tell you ladies...it was a DISASTER ZONE!!! However, since she apparently found a loophole (somehow she always does this), I will concede this argument and bow out gracefully. Although someone might care to remind her that the last time she won the battle, I won the war.....(REMEMBER THE SNAKE EPISODE AND WHAT IT COST YOU!!!!) LOLOL in a wickedly, sneaky, slightly evil witch laugh.....Love, Bree a.k.a "THE FAVORITE NIECE"


NancyD said...

You are too sweet, Britt! Love your post and you have a great way with words! Well, age wins most of the time anyway...we "old" ladies tend to get our way! But I still haven't seen an after picture...did I miss somthing????? Thanks for helping her out, Valerie needs some help some time and if I was just a weeeeeee bit closer I would do it myself! (wink, wink)...You are a wonderful niece! Hugs

yorkie's primitives said...

she's the best gram in the world so i do what i can to help...i love just like a mom....but you all should bug her about the pics....and you "crafty ladies" do try to be good...:p

ps thanks for being such a good friend to her

Harvest Your Blessings said...

These posts have made me laugh so much and smile from ear to ear!! How absolutely sweet you all are!! :) Oh my gosh... I have to get a glass of water I am laughing so hard! Bless your hearts!! Hugs, Dawn