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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I Got My Package from Char's Fall Swap!!!

Oh Wow! I entered a fall swap on Char's blog last month and received my package today from Pennie Holland of http://www.littlepenpen.blogspot.com/ . OH MY GOSH! It was AWESOME!!! She really went above and beyond anything that I would have expected. And her work is just awesome. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You Pennie. She sent me items that I absolutely love without even knowing it.

First is this little stoneware (I think) cup (that I think might have been a creamer because it has a pouring spout on the end) with a fall arrangement in it. I was sad that even though Pennie had it wrapped with bubbles and extra wrapping, it got broken during shipping but I love it so much that I glued it back together. How was she suppose to know that I collect this type of stoneware!

Next I opened a package with a stitchery of little squirrels! I love squirrels! They are such michevious little rascals. Won't this picture be adorable sitting among a fall gathering? And along with the stitchery, she sent me patterns for stitcheries for each month of the year. They are so cute.

She also sent a black crow tea lite holder with 12 tea lights, a recipe pad, a pack of buttons and and adorable little heart pin for me to wear. It is too cute. This is one of those items that I love but do not have the patience to work on.LOL

And finally I got some fat quarters that I am so thankful for. Since there are no craft shops in my area and not many do prim, it is difficult to find fabric that works for prim crafts. And the blue flower print is the perfect fabric for little bird pinpokes that I have been dying to make and couldn't find the right fabric for. Thanks Pennie.
Pennie you are a very talented lady! I love everything and you really did a great job. So far I have been in 2 of Char's swaps and have truly enjoyed swapping with both ladies. I can't wait to see if there is going to be a Christmas swap! I just hope you enjoy your package as much as I have mine Pennie. Until next time...


Pen Pen said...

I'm so sorry the creamer dish was broken... did it break at the handle? I hope it was an easy fix. And to think I was worried about the crow breaking. :o)

yorkie's primitives said...

Believe it or not, the handle didn't break. I was the creamer itself. But it was an easy fix and you can't see it unless you get really close. I love it.

Sage said...

WOW! what a nice swap!! Congrats to you Yorkie!! Cool stuff! Love the stitchery!

Pen Pen said...

Valerie, I received my box of swap goodies from you today! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! I love everything in the box... you are very talented. And man, the smell was awesome! I posted your gifts on my blog. :o)