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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

No Sympathy!!

Sympathy will not work...I am officially on strike until one of my demands are met!!!

Demand 1: Pictures of one of your other messy rooms on the blog by tomorrow at 1300 hrs.

Demand 2: Strawberry Cheesecake for Sunday dinner for the next two weeks.

Demand 3: Lunch at McCallister's to include the chocolate cake on Friday.

Demand 4: Ketchup casserole and homemade macaroni and one Strawberry cheesecake for dinner one night within the next two weeks.

These are the demands, and I hate to use threats but your "housecleaning mouse" feels wronged and demands retribution....I have spoken!!!!


NancyD said...

Do Grammas really do all that??? If your Gramma does that for you, even OCCASIONALLY..and I'm certain she does, you have one rockin' Granny there and you take good care of her! I wish I had what you have with you "granny", you are truly blessed, Britt. And I might say...so is Valerie :)
PS....That sounds like awful good food..got room for company????

Harvest Your Blessings said...

ROTFLMAO !!!!! :)

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

LOL, love your demands!!! Especially the cheesecake.
Now please tell me what is Ketchup Casserole....how interesting.

Terri said...

Hey, aren't you allergic to strawberries??? :)