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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My Version of Craft Room Clean-up

Ok. You have heard Brittany's disappointment of me not posting before and after pics of my craft room.
She wanted me to take before and after pics and post them on my blog. Well I said "MAYBE".
But just let me tell you, this room was a disaster area. No one would come in my room except me because they were afraid something would jump out at them.lol And Brittany really worked very hard at cleaning it. And I must say, it is a world of difference. I can actually walk in my craft room without tripping over something.LOL
So Brittany came down and changed backgrounds on my front page for me because I am computerer illiterate and don't know how. And when she opened it, she said "Gram, where are the before and after pictures of your room" (OOPS) So when I explained that I didn't do it, she said, "WHAT, you promised." And I explained that I said "MAYBE" (Loophole).
But I ask you, would you show before pics of your craft room? We're taking a vote to see who wins this argument. (Really it is a make believe argument). But join in on the fun. Leave a post in favor of me or Brittany.
But my room is so clean now, I CAN"T FIND ANYTHING! Until next time... (Still no pics)LOLOLOL


NancyD said...

First...I just love your new background! How cute for the season!!!
Second...NOT A CHANCE!! lol I don't like coming in here myself when it is messy, no less let others see what it looks like!! Ü However, I think AFTER pics are in order so we can all see how Brittany did! That's my vote! Hugs.

Maureen said...

Sorry Brittany but I'm on your Gram's side too. There are a few things we gals need to keep private. Our weight and our messy craft rooms! lol Although as Nancy said, an after picture would be nice to see. Might inspire me to straighten up my space!

Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog for a visit!

I'd have to be on Gram's side...I choose who sees my before pics! :) Although, I do see Brittany's point of view...before pictures can be helpful!

You two are funny though!


Pen Pen said...

Yes, pictures please... the more, the better!!! I like your new background too. (ps... I would never show my "before" pictures... ha ha... but we want to see yours)

Harvest Your Blessings said...

I'm with Nancy on this one. No before pictures, but something with Brittany's achievements would be nice. Only crafters understand this LOL!! It's our little world inside our world! :)