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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Yorkie's garden

Years ago before being attacked by allergies, I used to plow up the garden with a rotar tiller, plant it and harvest it. Well, that was years ago.LOL Now I am lucky to walk to the garden without panting. But after falling in love with primitives this year, I decided to plant a garden with sweet annie, gourds, indian corn, broom corn (which I had never even heard of) and sunflowers. So I ask hubby to plow me a space and he said NO. So I threatened to plow it myself and he and my daughter about fell out of their chairs laughing. So I showed them. I plowed it. (Hubby finished it at the last because it just about killed me.)
So this is my first year planting anything like this and I have been waiting patiently (yeah right) to see if any of it would grow. Well today I got my first ear of min. indian corn out of the garden! I was so excited. And my broom corn is tossling and I have three different colors of sunflowers. I can't wait to see what the broom corn looks like when it bushes out. And my sweet annie is growing too. So what knows what I will decide to plant next year! (HMM).
Anyway, here are pictures of my sunflowers, broom corn and indian corn.
I didn't know that they made so many different colors of sunflowers but I am glad that I have them. Here is my broom corn. I can't wait to see what the plumes look like. The instructions say that the stalk gets hard enough to use as a handle and the flumes bush out and turn different colors. So I am still deciding what I want to do with the broom corn.

Here is my indian corn. It is still drying out so the colors have not finished turning. The other cobs on the stalks are different colors so I can't wait to see how many colors I get from this corn see.

Tomorrow I will post pictures of my gourds and sweet annie. I am just so excited about the new things I have grown and can't wait to see what else I will try. See ya later.


Sage said...

Yorkie! The garden stuff looks GREAT!!! I love the sunflowers! You make me want to try my hand at broomcorn next year! Check the Prim Sister site for something special for ya!