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Friday, October 17, 2008

Hi, I thought I would share a Hope Indian weave rug I made with you. I have found that weaving rugs is one of the most relaxing things I do before bedtime. I have learned through trial and error that you have to start the shape of the rug when you begin which can be a little difficult since I am still very new at this. If anyone does this type of weaving, I would really appreciate any help on an easy way to start.

Anyway, I made this rug out of hunter green and barn red homespun with muslin to separate them. Around the edge I used a hunter green check with sunflowers just to give it some color. I am laying it in front of my kitchen sink. I really like the way this rug turned out. I am going to make another one and try to make it longer to put in front of my stove. I found some stuff to put on the back of the rugs at Hobby Lobby to keep them from slipping but it has to set for 2 weeks so I don't know if it works yet. I will post my opinion after the 2 weeks are up. Here's the picture


Sage said...

I love the way your blog is coming along! It's wonderful! Keep up the great work..and I LOVE that rug!!

yorkie's primitives said...

Thanks Sage. Now can you tell me again how I can get on other people's blogs and how I can add them to my blogs? I really am a computer dummy, Valerie