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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Valentine Bingo

Hi and welcome to my Valentine Bingo. I think 14 is befitting for this holiday, so choose 14 words and email me with your list at valerie999@comcast.net. I know we are cutting it short so I need the words by Thursday and I will start posting 2 words a day on Friday. The first one to Bingo will get a Valentine tree decorated by me. I will post a picture tomorrow. So be sure and send me those words and check back every day to get the words for that day. Hope you enjoy and good luck! Here are the words to choose from.

valentines, hearts, love, cupid, arrows, kisses, hugs,
Feb. 14, Valentine cards, XOXO, Valentine candy, Sweethearts, Bee mine, kiss me,
hug me, love bug, My Valentine, Be my Valentine, roses, prim hearts, sweetie,
primitive valentines, flowers, cutie pie, chocolate strawberries, bow & arrow, U R cute,
candy, St. Valentine, cinammon hearts, chocolates, love notes, love letters,
conversation hearts, St. Valentines Day.

OK girls. Here's a picture of the Valentine tree. The gift is the tree only. Still going to do a little something to it but I want that to be a surprise. Words start on Friday. Good luck everyone.


Maureen said...

I sent in my winning words. This will be fun!