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Tuesday, February 3, 2009


I can't believe it! It finally SNOWED after about 7 - 8 Years. Unfortunately, my two grandkids are sick so they didn't get to play in it, but Brittany and Kendall did. After they built the snowman in our churchyard, they came to me for accessories. So we went and put stick arms, gloves, scarf , button nose, coal eyes and boggin on him. And talk about craft inginuity, they picked up maple pods out of my yard for a mouth. So girls, gives us a new idea on a snowman mouth!
And since it hasn't snowed for so long here, we didn't have sleds. Well what is snow without a sled. So off we went and purchased two sleds. Enjoy the pictures of Britt and Kendall's snowman and our sledding trip.

Brittany and Kendall with snowman.

Britt and Kendal kissing snowman

Yep, this is me.

Now to the fun, First Brittany and Kendal sledding down the hill.

And last, but not least, this is how an old gram sleds down the hill! Hold on to your hat.LOL
Oops! where did the sled go? Brittany was at the bottom of the hill laughing so hard, she couldn't take the picture until it was done gone and I was rolling head over hills down the hill. Never crossed her mind I might have been hurt. (I wasn't) Poor little Kendal was the only one who tried to save me But once was enough for the old woman.LOL We had a blast. Now ask me again why I LOVE snow. Hope all that had snow had as much fun as we did.


Sage said...

Yorkie..it sure does look like you had a blast with those kids!! I'm glad you got the snow hon..wish we could get it here, but alas..South Carolina would panic so maybe it's best we don't. I miss it though. Am loving the blog..keep up the good work!

yorkie's primitives said...

Thanks Sage. I wish you had snow too. Winter without snow is no fun. Loved your article in the gazette. See ya, Valerie

Maureen said...

I'm glad you all had the chance to have some snow fun! I'm a little sick of snow here but I enjoyed your pictures.

Anonymous said...

Hey Gram,
Just wanted to tell you that me and Kendal has a blast playing in the snow. We didn't have the biggest snowman, but we did have the one with the real coal eyes and a button nose!!! Plus only Gram knows where to find everything including the fastest sleds ever!!! And how many Grams can still sled down the hill, not many so YOU ROCK!!!! Me and Kendal had so much fun thanks to the COOLEST GRAM EVER!!!! Love ya,Bree and Lil' Bit a.k.a Kendal
P.S. It means the world to me that you treat her just like one of us!!!