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Friday, May 22, 2009

Chicken Feeder Bird Feeder Tutorial

Several weeks ago, Char of charsethman.blogspot.com had a tutorial on making mason jars with chicken feeders. Well when I saw this I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it. So now I am going to share with you how to turn a mason jar and chicken feeder into a bird feeder. Here's what you need:

Wire plyers
wire cutters
quart mason jar
20 gauge wire ( about 36 in.)
plumbers clamp
Foultry Feed Label
Modge podge
sponge brush
straight edge screwdriver
chicken feeder ( found at your local Co-op or Tractor Supply Store)

First you need to decide what size clamp you need by taking a tape measure and placing it around the bottom of the quart jar. Then you can go to any hardware and get a clamp that will fit it. If in doubt, take a jar with you. I used 20 gauge wire because it is easier to work with. I doubled it to give more strength. That being said, here is all you have to do. First, take the wire and double it, then place it over the clamp and twist it so that it will stay in place. Then just twist the wire together until you reach the end. Then, place it on the opposite side of the clamp, bring it around and twist it together to tighten it to the clamp. You need to make sure the screw is in the back of the two wires.

Now take the clamp and put it on the jar towards the bottom with the hanger facing up. the jar will be upside down. Place the screw in the back of the jar. This should be the side that has writing on it and using your screwdriver, tighten it until snug and clamp doesn't move.

The next step is optional but this what I love the most. I purchased the Red Rooster Poultry Feed label from Yankee Lane Primitives and I just love it. It needs to be 3"tall X 3 1/2 " wide. I tore the edges off to make it look old and applied modge podge to the back of it. Place it on the front side of the jar and smooth out so there are no wrinkles or bubbles. Then put a coat of modge podge on going from top to bottom. Let it dry completely. When dry, it will be clear. Then put another layer on going from side to side. Let dry completely and put one more layer on going from top to bottom. Let dry completely.

After this is dry, that's it. Just add your bird seed, attach your chicken feeder turn right side up and hang it outside for the birds. And let me tell you they love this feeder. I was shocked when they ate all the seed in this feeder before touching the other bird feeders. It must be because the holes are larger, but they love it.

If you don't craft and would like to purchase one of these, I sell them in my etsy shop at http://www.yorkiesprimitives.etsy.com/ or you can purchase it off this blog by emailing me at valerie999@comcast.net. If you have any questions about this tutorial feel free to email me at my email address. I will respond within 24 hours.
Hope you have fun making this bird feeder. Until next time...


Sage said...

Very Cute Yorkie!! I like it. You know..I've seen one of these with M&M's in it too! (for us people birds!)

Great job!

NancyD said...

Well I just love your creation, Yorkie! It is perfect for the season and I'm going to make one fo myself! Thank you for the great tutorial!

Terri said...

This is a great idea, and so is the M&M one from the first comment! :) Thanks for the tutorial!