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Monday, August 31, 2009

The Giveaway Arrived

Well Maureen received her surprise giveaway package today and says that she really likes it. I will show you a pic so you can all see what was in the box. First I made a Raggedy Ann and pumpkin. I dressed Raggedy Ann in an orange plaid homespun with a solid orange apron. Her hat is burlap with the plaid fabric tied around it. Her pumpkin is made out of the orange fabric with green calico leaves attached. I then attached grundgy cheesecloth to it with rusty wire and made the ends curly for the vines on a pumpkin. Everything was stained to the prim stage. She has a hang tag that says Annie's Pumpkin. All of her hard work paid off because she is so proud of her pumpkin that is almost as big is she is! She was signed and dated on the back of her body. She was made using a Threadbare Primitive pattern.
Second, I took a pint jar and grundged it up with modge podge and cinnammon and put some fall portpourri in it with grundgy cheesecloth tied around it and a hang tag that says Prim Fixins.
Then I put a candle in a small bowl and poured some pudka pods and cinnammon sticks around it.
And last, I tied a piece of the orange plaid homespun around two pumpkin cheescake scented candles.
Remember girls, I will be having a Christmas giveaway sometime in November so keep checking back for a chance to win it. Until next time...


Maureen said...

Make that really REALLY likes it!! Thanks again Val :D

Pen Pen said...

Sweet giveaway.... I love the raggedy ann and pumpkin! Your work is so pretty!