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Friday, October 16, 2009

Laura Kay's Vacation

Sarah(my granddaughter) has loved horses ever since she was big enough to say horse.LOL So while on fall break, Laura Kay, Brittany, Sarah and a few friends went to the Outer Banks Island in NC. This is an island that has one way in and one way out and is a wild horse refuge.

While there, they went on a tour in a jeep to see the wild horses. Well the mares were in a dispute with the male horse and would not do what he wanted. So Laura Kay thought watching them was amazing and decided to film them on her camcord. So she is standing a distance from the jeep, running her camcord and the male horse decided to charge the mares to make them do what he wanted. The mares decided to run in the opposite direction at a very high speed, right toward the jeep.
So the tour guide tells everyone they need to get in the jeep now. So Laura Kay starts hobbling back to the jeep and the tour guide says to get in the jeep NOW! LK turns around and the mares are stampeding right toward her and she can't move fast because of bad knees! She said she stood there saying, "help, help" in a small frightened voice. And then the horses just turned and ran in another direction.
Well i told her that's why you don't put yourself in situations where you have to move fast when you can't.LOL
But they had a wonderful time and Sarah loved it.
They also went to the beach and LK found me a georgeous piece of driftwood. While she was trying to get it early in the morning, crabs were jumping all around her. This was just not her trip.LOL
But here are the goodies they brought me. LK brought the driftwood and lighthouse wind chime because she knows I love windchimes. Brittany brought me this cool sign. (Grandpa is the old crab)LOL I can't wait to hang them both on my porch. Until next time...


NancyD said...

Wild horses wouldn't keep them away! LOL Seriously..that is scary, Valerie! What nice gifts, seems to me that anyone can take that sign either way....LOL...Just kidding!

yorkie's primitives said...

You're right Nancy. But my opinion is the only one that matters around here.LOL So I say it's Grandpa.

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