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Saturday, January 2, 2010

A New Way of Staining

I tried a new way of staining fabric and I love it! I tried the t-shirt dying method and it works.

Some of you may already know how to do this but for those of you who don't, you should try it. It gives it a really old look.
All you do is soak your fabric in your tea stain for about an hour, then fold it and place rubber bands around it. A 1 yard piece of fabric requires 2 rubber bands, one on each end. Longer pieces would require 3 or 4 rubber bands. Then just toss it in the dryer.Here are some pics of muslin and red ticking that I stained today.

All you have to remember is that the outside of the fabric gets the darkest. So you have to dry it about half way and then take it out of the dryer and turn it inside out. This gives it a more even stain on both sides. If it isn't as dark as you would like, just repeat the process until you get the look you want. I ran these through the process twice.
Here's pics of the fabric after it is completely dry and pressed. Don't you think this looks just like fabric that has been in an old attic for years?

Here's a picture of a Santa body that I made using this method. I just love the uneven dying.

If you have any questions, please email me at valerie999@comcast.net
I am making a Valentine heart with the ticking and it will be my first project on my selling link.
Just remember ALWAYS RUN THE DRYER WITH AN OLD TOWEL AFTER THIS PROCESS TO PREVENT YOUR DRYER FROM RUINING YOUR GOOD CLOTHES!!! I have an old towel that I wet and wring out just enough to keep it from dripping, then throw it in the dryer. I usually run it through twice and then dry a load of towels before I place any good clothes in the dryer. Enjoy. Until next time...


NancyD said...

Looks great Valerie! I'm going to try it that way for sure, it would be extra nice for those dolls and snowmen that have pellets in them! Just might have to drag out some muslin later today!! Thanks so much for the tute!

Sage said...

Cool idea..a twist on the old fashioned..'tie dyed'....keep up the good work girly!