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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Update on Chester and the funny side of it

First let me say you will never know how much your comments and your prayers mean to me! Blogging friends are the BEST!! Thank you all for your prayers. They have scheduled Chester's stint to be put in on Jan 10 so do keep him in your prayers. I know that this is a simple procedure but anytime you are in surgery there is a risk and prayers are the best way to help keep him safe.
Now for the funny side. I didn't see the humor the day of the incident but looking back it is pretty funny. Most of you know that I have severe lung problems caused from years of allergic reaction attacks. All the meds and the attacks have weakened my lungs. On most days it is all I can do to walk to the car and back to the house. Several years ago I took a CPR class and they had to let me simulate the breathing because every time I tried, I shut down.LOL
So Sunday when this happened, I couldn't get my phone to work to call 911. So I literally ran to the car and back in snow with sandals on. Well when I told my daughter that I had to perform CPR, she panicked and wanted to know how I did the breathing. I explained that I am not stupid so I didn't try that. I just did the chest compressions, which I might add, worked!
So after everything settled down and we knew he was ok, she posts on facebook that I said I ran to the car and back in the snow with sandals on and did chest compressions. Well, everyone that knows us on her facebook friend list has had a hoot laughing at me. They have all said that they had images of me running in the snow and doing the compressions and then laughed until they cried. They still don't believe that I ran.
So I just told them all to never underestimate what I can do when given an emergency and it worked so I must not be completely over the hill yet.LOL You never know what you'll do when adrenalin sets in. What I won't tell them is that I have been so exhausted ever since that it takes everything I have to just get out of bed.LOL Shhhh. don't tell them.LOL I'm just thankful that we can laugh now. I never forget to thank God for sparing my husband!
The picture of Chester and me was taken Christmas Eve. Maybe sitting on his lap was what caused it.ROFLMBO!


Trish-Ladybug said...

HAPPY NEW YEARS Yorkie's Will keep
Chester in thought and prayers..
Enjoyed both of your recently posts
and yes the long we are together
with our Soul-Mates the more we so
depend upon them,
Thanks again for sharing...
Blessings you both ....

Lorna/Live Oak Primitive Peddler said...

Glad your Hubby is okay, will pray for him in his surgery. I have asthma and when I get in a stressful situation I have an asthma attack, I'm certainly no help either if someone needs air!!8-) So glad that today we can laugh about all of it. God is good!!

Prim2Pink said...

It is amazing the strength you can come up with when there is a problem. I remember when we had a house fire in the middle of the night and my Mom (who is only 5" tall) actually ripped the front door off the hinges & threw it behind her,when she tried to get us all out safely.
I hope Chester's surgery goes well & his recovery is quick!
But do remember to take care of yourself!!!


Prim2Pink said...

My Mom is short but not quite that small!! That should be 5 feet tall.


yorkie's primitives said...

Thanks everyone. I'm 5 ft to Judy so all I can say about your Mom is WOW! Hope everyone has a blessed new year, Valerie

Angie Berry said...

Well it is a great picture of you and Chester! You are right... never underestimate your powers under an emergency. It's almost like we forget we are human and turn into superheros. They may be laughing but I think it was very courageous of you!