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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Where I Play

Square dancing is our heritage in the South and it has been lost to the younger generation and that saddens me. My Grandfather played the fiddle and called square dancing for all the church fund raisers and the community get togethers. So I was raised hearing the fiddle and listening to him sing some of the tunes and this was something that I truly enjoyed.
So since my daughter owns her own day care, I told her I wanted to teach her pre schoolers how to square dance and line dance. I chose very simple steps for the square dancing but their favorite step was putting the little bird in a cage and putting the old crow in the cage. They fought over who got to go in the middle so I had to let them both take their turn.LOL And I taught them the Cuban Shuffle that I learned in Silver Sneakers at the gym.
So my daughter decided to have a school year ending with the kids putting on a square dance and line dance event for their parents and family. Well it was a HOOT!! I can't wait until she gets me the video so I can post it on here and give you the laugh of your life. These kids really put on their best performance and they are only 4-5 years old.
So today you will have to settle for watching the kids play the fiddle. I took my fiddle to the day care and after their dance lesson, I let them each have a turn playing it. They laughed so hard when I told them that the bow is made from a horse's tail. So here's the group waiting in line for their turn and this is my great niece playing her tune. Enjoy


TheCrankyCrow said...

What a wonderful legacy to pass on! I can't wait to see the video!! I love to watch square dancing and it is getting to be such a lost art. My granddad played the fiddle also - don't remember it so much as he passed when I was 5...but I do remember that...Have a wonderful holiday weekend! Smiles & Hugs, Robin

Angela said...

So sweet of you to give of your time to teach this young children a dying art. I remember years ago there were performances at all the craft shows but no more, its all more modern dance. Looking for to seeing the video. Have a great weekend.

hapi said...

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