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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Goblins or Gram??? That is the question!

I've hacked the blog to respond to the goblin story that Gram posted in July. She has insisted that the stairs were messed up by Goblins. I dispute the claim and think that she was the culprit. I am here to testify that I have known a few goblins and I have yet to see a goblin who enjoys crafting, and even if I knew one who did, I haven't seen one running around here making messes anywhere else. Therefore, I am a firm believer that she is the mess-maker and is trying to blame the poor innocent goblins of the world for her messes!!! And since I am pro-goblin (giving goblins equal rights and freedom from unfair persucution!!), I ask you to please pass the word out that she needs to make more sales ASAP so that she can use up the offending craft items from the steps, craft rooms, and kitchen tables so that the goblins can once again frolick in freedom, and so that I don't TURN IN HER IN TO THE SHOW HOARDERS for causing my tiny goblins friends the uncessary emotional pain of being falsely accused of a crime they didn't commit!!!
Bree (friend to goblins everywhere) :p

P.S. Gram, this is what you get for needing me to fix your computer again!!!!! LOVE YA!!!


yorkie's primitives said...

I DENY, DENY, DENY the charges.ROFLMBO!!! I am greatly misunderstood.LOL Love you Bree, Gram

Debbie said...

*laughing* I love this post... hehehe

TheCrankyCrow said...

Oh dear Bree - as persuasive as your argument may be, I'm buying Gram's story hook, line, and sinker...cuz if I don't - who's gonna back up MY goblin story?? (Just wishing my goblins actually DID do crafts....they just make messes!) ;o) Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

yorkie's primitives said...

Yeah!!! One for me!!!!! Even if it is biased.ROFLMBO!!!!! Hugs, Valerie

NancyD said...

LMBO!! Love it! Ok, call it what you like, Britt. We, as allies in the craft world, will band together and defend our "craft crap" to the bitter end!! Hoarding?? Nooooooo, we NEED all of that 'in case' and NOBODY touches OUR STUFF! LOL ;)

yorkie's primitives said...

Yeah!!!!! you tell them Nancy. I am no hoarder!! I'm a creative artist!!!!! Hugs, Valerie