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Monday, October 17, 2011

So Far

Here's what I have finished so far on my fall yard decor. I love the way it looks so far.
I got an old fence from my daughter's farm and cut it in half and screwed it to my tree.
Then I cut a pumpkin out of beadboard and added a crow to it and screwed it to one side of the fence. Today I added a gourd that I cout out of plywood to the other side of the fence. I also made a wood scarecrow from The Olde Country Cupboard from plywood and screwed it to the tree right above the fence. I have a pot of mums on each side of my hay,(that I have to repot)LOL. And now I have a small wood wheelbarrow in front of the hay. I can't decide what to put in it??? I have straw that I am going to put in it but does anyone have any ideas on what to put in the hay? I have some small gourds but what else can I add? See what you think and give me some ideas!


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

well I would add some pumpkins and maybe some outdoor colored lights to set it off..you could also put leaves in it versus hay..

maddyrose said...

I love it so far and think a pumpkin or two would do nicely.

yorkie's primitives said...

I love the lights idea and I think pumpkins would be adorable! Thanks, Valerie

Carmen at Primcats said...

Cute cute cute! I would add a pot of bright mums and some big ol orange pumpkins tot eh wheelbarrow. Unless you just want to drop that wheel barrow off at my house instead. :D

Carmen and the Primcats

TheCrankyCrow said...

What a fun display!! So love your woodens!!! As for the wheelbarrow....I think I might be closer than Carmen, so you can just drop it by here.... ;o) Seriously sweet - I'd fill 'er up with some straw or hay and lots of orange pumpkins and gourds.....And I'd put some lights in it for at night.....Then, all you'd be missing is a little black cat to poke in the ground next to it!! Can't wait to see it all done up....Happy Tuesday! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Carol said...

Hi Valerie, Looks great so far.
How about making a body outta old clothes and set it under the scarecrow head. Would look neat.
Of course you could put pumpkins in the wagon with some leaves :-)

yorkie's primitives said...

I love the cat idea Robin! I'll have to see if I can cut out a cat and I think I might have to try the scarecrow too!! Thanks everyone. I'm getting the pumpkins tommorrow or Friday and go from there. I'll post pics Friday or Sat. of the finished display, Valerie