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Saturday, January 14, 2012

A Snow Funny

I'm sure some of you have worry wort kids so you will appreciate the humor of this.
We were told it wouls snow here Thurs night and Fri. morning.
Well my 5 year old great niece's kindergarten teacher told all her kids to go home and do the snow dance and they would get a snow day on Friday. The snow dance is sleeping in your jamas, wrong side out and backwards, flushing ice down the toilet and sleeping with your head at the foot of the bed and your feet at the top.
So my great niece went home and told her mom that she had to do the snow dance. Well they put their jamas on wrong side out and backwards and flushed ice down the toilet. But when it came time to go to bed she panicked. She said, "Mom, if I sleep with my head where my feet go, I am going to suffocate and die"ROFLMBO!!! Well her Mom tried to explain to her that she wasn't putting her head under the cover, that she was going to lay on top of the cover and she was going to cover her with a blacket. But she just wouldn't do it! So little Ms. worr wort starting crying because if it didn't snow it would be all her fault.ROFLMBO!!!!!
And if that isn't funny enough, my daughter checks on my granddaughter, who is ten, and she is sleeping with her head at the foot of the bed because my great niece told her to for luck!!!!!
We didn't get snow so I don't know what my poor niece did with her daughter.LOLOLOL


Maureen said...

Yorkie, please tell yoour Grand Niece not to worry. It snowed alright but it got lost and landed here in Ohio! ;)

Over The River and Through The Woods said...

Oh my goodness!! That is sweet. And oh so funny. I was laughing to hard. Poor baby.

Maureen, got snow so it worked, but as she said it just got lost. LOL

Oak Harbor in western Washington where my sister lives got snow. And she loves snow. Tell the little one thank you from a nice lady in Washington.

When I get snow in Utah/Wyoming, it is because sis and mom are up there doing snow dances. :)

I hope all is well. Take care, Janet W

yorkie's primitives said...

I will relay the message so that she will quit worrying.LOL Hugs, Valerie

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

I have never heard of this dance before..but that is too funny;)

Hillcresthome Prims said...

What a cute story, the poor kiddo. I wish it snowed just alittle bit for her.
She sounds like a sweetie!
Could you tell her we had a trace of snow here because of her and I tell her THANK YOU!
Hugs Val,

Sweet Bear Creek Whims said...

That is just too cute!

Susan At Glen Oaks Primitives said...

Awh, the poor little girl. Everything is so serious when you're little.
Hope she got over it.

Over The River and Through The Woods said...

Snow Update in Washington...my sister said they have 6 inches and at my mom's there is 4 inches. :)

Tell your little one thank you ok?

Did she get some snow yet? I sure hope so.

Take care, Janet W

yorkie's primitives said...

No snow yet, Valerie

alltheseboys said...

OH boy...sounds like this little lady and my five year old son should get together! Very cute story! Katie

Angela said...

That is too cute. Never heard of the p.j. thingy or sleeping with your head at the foot of the bed. Hmmmm guess since we are in the South and don't get much snow,, would this work for me? Probably not as the mister would have me committed!! (smile) Thanks for sharing.

yorkie's primitives said...

Update, I talked to my niece and she told my great niece what you all said and she is glad that you got snow. She is finally over her trauma and back to normal. Thanks for all the wonderful comments, Valerie

TheCrankyCrow said...

Hmmmm...there must be an awful lot of folks in these parts sleeping with their jammies inside out and flushing ice cubes down the toilet! ;o) What a sweet story....I can so relate to that poor little girl - I was a horrid worry wort - and still am! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin