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Monday, February 13, 2012

My Birthday Surprise

I teach Children's Church at my church and we had our Valentine's Party Sunday. Well I had told the kids that Valentines Day is my birthday 2 weeks ago and they wanted to know how old I would be so I told them I would be an old woman this year. They all thought that was soooo funny and laughed so hard. I have two women who help me with the kids because when an asthma attack hits, I run out the door. I don't want to scare the kids.
So yesterday I went to church to have the Valentine's Day Party and was surprised with a birthday party!! Alice and Missy had bought me a birthday cake from the kids. This is the first time anyo ne has done anything this special for me outside my family, so naturally it was a very happy surprise! They also got me a $30 gift card from Hobby Lobby (my favorite shopping place).lol
So I have to admit that I felt special yesterday. Here's what was left of the cake when the kids got through with it.LOL


Firecracker Kid said...

Well, Happy Birthday Valerie! What a beautiful cake. I love the colors of it. I'll bet it fit you perfectly. Lovely :o)

NancyD said...

That's so nice, Valerie! Send up a piece for us, ok? LOL I hope your birthday is wonderful tomorrow! Hugs.

Barb said...

Pre-Happy Birthday...That cake looks wonderful!
Hope you have a fantastic birthday!

yorkie's primitives said...

Thanks girls. I plan on shopping until I drop tommorrow.LOL I'll see about sending a piece of the cake Nancy.LOL Hugs, Valerie

Susan At Glen Oaks Primitives said...

Sorry I'm late, but
Happy Birthday Val!!