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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Let the Fun Begin!

Let the fun begin!! First I would like to thank everyone for participating in my Summer Swap! I want this to be a fun swap so think summer and fun. I had 12 people sign up and I think this is the most I have ever had for a swap!! I love swaps so in the future if you would like to swap one on one, feel free to email me and I would love to swap with you.
 I plan on having another swap closer to fall and make it a secret swap so check back in a month or so for these details. The partners will be listed at the end. Since I don't know how to work this new blogger,UGH, I don't know how to get the names on separate lines so they will probably be side by side but I will leave a space in between if it lets me.
 Let me go over the rules one more time. There is a minimum of two gifts to be included, one handmade and one store bought. This could be anything from picnic items, garden items, seeds, small flags, etc. You can include as many as you like but at least 2. Please send something that you would like to receive. Please mail your packages by May 25th so everyone will have their summer items for the entire summer. Send your items first class or priority with confirmation and give your partner your confirmation number. Remember shipping rates when putting your package together. I want this swap to be fun, not break the bank.LOL Contact your partner and get ideas on what she likes, allergies, colors, etc. Please send me your blog, etsy shop, facebook, pinterest or any other links you have and I will forward them to your partner so that you can see each others interests. I will also post your info on my blog so that you can get exposure for your sites. I think this covers it so without further delay, here are the names. Think Summer, HAVE FUN!!
 1. Cindi from Piece by Piece - Susan from Keepsake Korner
 2. Natalie from Tins and Treasures - Susan from Days too Short
 3. dMichelle from Simple Pleasures - Wendy from Ravenwood Whimsies
 4. Dorothy from Quilt n Dot - Linda from Country Pickens
 5. Tam from Scentfully Country Gal - Kendra from The Stonehouse Prims
 6. Lynn from Life on the Weineer Ranch - Valerie from Yorkie's Primitives
 If I have missed anyone, please let me know so I can include you. I checked several times but I do make mistakes.LOL
 I am having a giveaway next month and thinking Americana so be sure and check back to enter my giveaway. (Hint) There will be something special to honor our troops! I will be listing this info around the 1st of May. If you have any questions about the swap please email me at valerie999@comcast.net. HAVE FUN!!!!


Dorothy said...

Thanks!! Can't wait to start planning on what I am going to make

yorkie's primitives said...

My mind is spinning too! I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with, Valerie

Susan said...

Looking forward to the swap! Thanks for hosting it.