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Saturday, November 10, 2012

I Know, I'm Late But...

I know I'm late posting this but I just have to share this picture. These last two weeks have been a nightmare so I haven't been able to post. I love Halloween but never have trick or treaters. Well the doorbell rang and I bout jumped for joy thinking I had a trick or treater at last. I open the door and honestly did not know who it was until he spoke. It was my youngest brother Mike, (Britt's Dad) dressed up in a quilt.LOl Isn't he just toooo cute?

And then my niece surprised me with my grnaddaughter, greaat niece and great nephew. So since these were my only trick or treaters they racked up on candy! All three of these were just adorable.
Be sure and check back tomorrow for a giveaway post. Until next time...


Janet said...

How sweet, you got some trick or treaters. :) They are so cute.

In the places we have lived in the past few years we have not gotten any...

Then we moved a few months ago to where we are now...i thought surely we will get some trick or treaters here...there are many kids and i know them and their moms...well we got only 3 i think..we've been so over loaded with candy since..

That's ok i love it. lol

running out though now :( oh no! i will die without chocolate... lol

Can't wait to hear about the giveaway tomorrow. I will be back.

Have a great Sunday.

Take care, Janet W

yorkie's primitives said...

We had lots of candy left over too so we ate a lot.LOL Valerie