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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Do You Believe In Santa?

When I was in my 30's, I started playing the fiddle.  Well the fiddle I had wasn't working any more so I told Chester I needed a new on and my fiddle teacher  said it would cost around $2,000.00!  Well he told me to dream on so I told him Santa would bring me one.  Well he laughed and told me to dream on.

Then the week after Christmas a man came into the office where we worked with a fiddle.  It had a beautiful tone and he only wanted $150.00 so I told Chester I wanted it and he bought it.  When the man left I told him, "I told you Santa would bring me one.  I just had to be patient"LOL  He told me that he didn't see Santa's signature on that check and I told him that no but Santa brought it so he could pay for it.LOLOLOL
Well my fiddle teacher told me the fiddle was worth about $2,500.00 and it was a great buy.
Then my grandson Daniel was born and he had a fascination and belief in Santa that I have never seen in a child.  His eyes would just sparkle.  And then he started school and the kids made fun on him and told him there was no Santa.  So Daniel asked me if I believed in Santa and I told him yes.  Well if I believed so did he!
He went home and told his Mom that he knew there was a Santa because Gram believed in him.  She called me and chewed me out telling me that I said I would never lie to my grandkids.  Well I told her I didn't lie.  Then she goes on to say that I don't really believe there is a REAL Santa and I told her yes I do, he brought me a fiddle!!!  She just told me that I had to grow up.  Yeah right, as if that is going to happen!!!!!
So do you believe in Santa?


Barb said...

Merry Christmas Valerie!!
I am a believer too!

yorkie's primitives said...

Merry Christmas Barb!! Hugs, Valerie