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Sunday, June 30, 2013

A Fun Challenge/Giveaway

Most of you who have followed me know my sidekick, Brittany(Bree), my niece. For those of you who don't she helps me with just about eveerything (except gardening) and she does all my computer fixing when I mess it up.LOl Here is a post on Britt if you would like an update on why she doesn't help me with gardening. ROFLMBO!!

We have all heard old women making comparisons with their old sayings when they are explaining something. Well Bree is wanting answers to some of these old wives sayings. So she has asked me to have a fun challenge/giveaway to get some answers.
So here are the questions.
Who is Dick and why is his hatband so tight?
Who is Kootie Brown and why does he stay drunk?

Now for the fun. Starting July 1st until July 15th everyone can leave comments on what you believe is the answer. Bree is going to go through these answers and pick out what she believes is the 10 best. Then we are going to let everyone vote on what they think is the best of those ten from July 16th to July 31st. I will have the crows in the mail on Aug. 1st to the winners. That person will win this Lil' Grandma Crow's Old Timey Sayings Crow. I LOVE this Lil' Crow!!
But to give everyone a chance I am going to take the rest of the people who leave comments and give away another crow! So everyone has a chance to win.
If you don't know who Kootie Brown and Dick are, that's ok. Just leave a comment on what you think.LOL And if you have any more sayings we would love to hear them! I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with!
The rules are simple. All you have to do is be a follower of my blog. New followers are always welcome. If you would like to share the fun on your blog or pinterest, facebook, etc. feel free to do so. I want this to be a fun challenge/giveaway. And remember Bree is in charge of the challenge/giveaway, I am just providing the free gifts.
So put your thinking caps on and give here some answers!


Unknown said...

Who is Dick and why is his hatband so tight?
I think it means he has a "big head" or a lot of big feelings about himself- pride. One in my neck of the woods would be "He/she thinks he/she is all that and a bag of chips..." The first time I used it in my fifth grade class, they thought I had lost it!

Who is Kootie Brown and why does he stay drunk? Well, good gracious, if you had a name like "Kootie", wouldn't you? Kooties are never a good thing! It is kind of like that Johnny Cash song,"A Boy Named Sue" except Kootie didn't make him tougher. Hmmm. Usually you run away from boys who have Cooties. Maybe he is sad that he can't get a date! So, he is drinking his sorrows away. Poor guy! Dick should give Cootie some of his confidence. Maybe Dick can be like a Dr. Phil to Cootie and help him with his self-worth issues. Hmmm...

:) Heather

Those are my thoughts!

Barb said...

Well Valerie and Bree I am old but do not know the answers to this and not creative enough to come up with the reasons why.
But a fun giveaway all the same!

yorkie's primitives said...

Heather that is tooooo funny!!! This is going to be so much fun, Valerie

Danice G said...

dick refers to richard cromwell, a son of oliver cromwell. dick was appointed 2nd lord protector of england upon oliver's death. it was said that ole dick was not competent to perform his new duty, hence the saying tight as dick's headband or crown. kooter or cooter brown is an old mostly southern saying that refers to someone who is ridicously drunk. we in alabama also will say that the person is as drunk as a bicycle. thank you for this fun challenge. i posted to my sidebar and am a follower. please enter me in the giveaway. please excuse the all lower type, as i have a broken arm in a cast and it hurts to push the caps key. thank you. blessings.

Danice G said...

just noticed that you said cootie brown, not cooter or kooter. we all refer to cootie and cooter or kootie as being cousins who are both often drunken, lol. i agree with you valerie that heather's answer is very funny. looking forward to reading some more of the answers.

Danice G said...

cooter or kooter and cootie brown stayed drunken during the civil war era because having family members on both sides, they couldn't decide which side to fight for. staying drunk maybe helped them to avoid the draft and forget about the civil war.

Anonymous said...

Ok Ladies, first let me say thank you to those who have answered already! I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who has pondered these sayings! I love the funny ones, and plan on researching the realistic answers. So please keep answering and if you have answered please share the link. I'm hoping I can help Gram (Aunt Valerie) can increase the people who see her lovely crafts and all of your sites as well! I love hearing about all of you so I hope my kooky questions can bring you all a little laughter! So keep posting and keep sharing! :0)

Anonymous said...

Oh that comment was from me, Bree! :0)

Unknown said...

Cootie Brown was trying to avoid the Civil War by staying in his drunken 'state'.
Dick and his tight hat band is in reference to a person being a 'tight wad' with their money.
And lots more! I was raised in the south!!

Thanks for the fun Giveaway!

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