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Monday, June 15, 2009


Yesterday was our homecoming at my church and I took banana pudding and fried apple pies for my desserts. After the dinner was over, I had several people tell me they had never eaten banana pudding made like that. The bowl was wiped clean.

Then I had a lady tell me that the singers wanted to know what a fried apple pie was. When she let them taste hers, they couldn't believe how good it was. They told her that they had never eaten something that good. So they went to get them one and they were all gone.
This makes me really sad. No one cooks homecooked meals anymore. I told the lady what was so sad was that after our generation, homemade food will no longer be. Have we gotten so busy that we have lost our heritage?
So I decided that although my daughter is completely uniterested in learning any of this, her daughter Sarah is. So I am going to start teaching her everything I know about cooking and crafting. She is only 8 but has begged me to teach her since the age of 4.
So yesterday I taught her how to stitch by hand. She is making her own corn cob doll. It is not finished yet because little girls do get bored easily, but here are some pics of what she has done. And belive it or not, she really listened and did a really good job for her first time. Maybe she inherited it from her Gram.LOL
Here's Sarah wrapping her corcob doll. Second picture is her sewing the seam together. Third picture is of the doll after she painted it. We have the arms ready to attach and then she has to make the dress and bonnet. I explained to her that in primitive days, this was the only way little girls got dolls because people were to poor to buy them. She really seemed to enjoy herself and I am really proud of her. Until next time...


Terri said...

I think it's wonderful that you are passing along your wonderful skills to the next generation. Like you, I find it sad that we are losing so many of our skills and crafts!

NancyD said...

I think you are doing a great thing with Sarah, and you know, it isn't important that your daughter doesn't enjoy doing crafts...it gives you the chance to do one thing with your grandchildren that is EXTRA special...she will always remember crafting with Gram!