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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Future Crafter

My kids have no interest in sewing, crafting or cooking. So when my granddaughter, Sarah, asked me to teach her to cook and sew, I was thrilled.

For Christmas, Sarah gave me a My Favorite Recipes Cookbook with a note attached that said, "Gram please fill with recipes and return to me". So today we spent the day cooking and sewing.
First I taught her how to make french toast. Sorry to say that I didn't take pics of this. But she did a great job and ate all three of them.LOL
Next she made a pincushion because every sewer needs one. She even found a daisy button in my old button box to match her fabric.

Then we got her sewing machine that her mom bought her and she decided her first project would be a sleeping bag for her fluffy friends. She chose a green plaid flannel for the bag and I taught her how to make a pattern, pin it to the fabric and cut it out. She had a little trouble getting the scissors to work. Still haven't figured that one out. So here she is making her sleeping bag. We put a jute drawstring in the top.

After she finished the bag she got so excited because she realized that she could use it to carry her pokemon balls, her other toys and so much more. So see, she is already "thinking outside the box". She is going to be a true crafter. I am very proud that she has such an interest in crafting and sewing.
I did make her promise until she gets a little older she will not fool with a sewing maching or the fabric scissors without an adult present. Until next time...


Ms. Laura said...

It's not my fault! It OBVIOUSLY skips a generation...my grandmother just didn't pass it on to me! LOL At least I did something right...there is hope with Sarah! :)

NancyD said...

What a precious time you had!! Looks like a lot of fun, can't wait until it's my turn now!! LOL

yorkie's primitives said...

Excuses, Excuses. Your mother tried.LOL But I have great dreams for Sarah.
Just wait Nancy, you'll get your turn. Hugs, Valeir