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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

This will crack you up!

Well my daughter Laura and her family put up their tree. She has a family tradition that every year when they put up the tree, they watch a new Christmas movie and bake cookies, you know the ones you buy and put in the oven.

So this year when they decorated the tree, she bought her new movie and baked her cookies. HALLOWEEN COOKIES! I laughed my head off. Take a look at her beautiful tree and then look at her Halloween cookies.ROFLMBO!!!!!

Now her cookies.


Ms. Laura said...

Hey, some might would argue that Halloween is fun all year long too! LOL


That's hysterical! Laura is right about halloween all year long, alot of scary things walking around! This is just too funny. Hope you took lots of pics of the tree and cookies. Might I ask what movie? Hugs, Linda

NancyD said...

Those cookies look mighty tasty to me! LOL Sounds like a lot of fun, I love family time!

Sage said...

Hey girl..a cookie is a cookie!! LOL..

I'll be having my kiddos in for Christmas this year..both my grandbabies..and one never knows..maybe #3 too!!
Glad to be back home though, now I'm busy catching up on blogs!


yorkie's primitives said...

The movie they watched was "Santa Buddies". She said it was a really cute movie about puppies saving Christmas. Hugs, Valerie