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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Want to hear a funny?

Hi, I just had to share a funny about the swap we just finished. My daughter, Laura has never sewn anything in her life, not even a button.LOL But she wanted to participate in my swap. And she wanted to include Sarah, my granddaughter. Well since I am trying to encourage Sarah to learn to sew, I thought this was a good idea. So I told her I would help her sew something.
Well My friend, Nancy, agreed to be her partner since this was her first swap. So swap time came and Laura didn't want me to help her with her projects. She wante it to be her own creations. Well I'm thinking "Oh No" but I agreed I would let her do her own thing.
So the first item she came up with was an apron for Sarah to decorate for Nancy. I said, "An Arpron?" And she told me it would be perfect. So I didn't say anything but I am thinking, "Oh my gosh, who wants an apron for a swap?" Well two days after Laura bought the stuff she needed to do the apron, Nancy has this post on her blog about her love for aprons! Is this not eerie? But I guess the saying, "You can't teach an old dog new tricks" isn't true after all because this old dog learned one.LOL And I got an entirely new attitude toward arpons!
But I do want to say that I am very proud of Laura and Sarah on their first swap. Very little sewing was done and her items are truly one of a kinds.
So ladies just remember that just because you can't sew, doesn't mean you can't swap. Just ask Laura and Sarah.
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NancyD said...

I am the first one to tell you that Laura and Sarah put their hearts and souls into this swap! My items were so well thought and personal...they couldn't have brought a bigger smile to my face! And I DO love aprons! LOL The picture in the swap doesn't do it justice, I just love everything! Hugs...Nancy

Ms. Laura said...

We're so happy to make you smile Nancy! Don't let mom fool you, though, she did help a little, put the finishing tweeks on them...she couldn't stop herself! I kept having to remind her it was "my" project! LOL We all had a lot of fun...giving and getting! Can't wait until next time...we might be hooked! :)