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Friday, July 2, 2010

Is It Just Me?

For the last two weeks I have felt like crawling in bed and staying there. I have had no energy and my muscles ache. I even went to the doctor because it wouldn't go away and he couldn't find anything wrong. And today I woke up and feel fine.
Yesterday I talked to another girl who has asthma and she said she felt like a fish out of its bowl. And basiically that is how I have felt. It cooled off yesterday and that's the reason I think that was what was wrong with me but I never dreamed heat could do that kind of damage.
My doctor tells me to stay in but my gosh I can't hibernate just because it's too hot. I had to take care of the veggies in the garden. Green beans don't understand breathing problems.LOL And I got up early so that I would be finished before it reached the nineties. So has anyone else suffered from this? Until next time...


Harvest Your Blessings said...

Val~~ I'm sorry you've been feeling this way. The weather probably has something to do with it. I know I've been kind of going through the same thing. The heat adds to the difficulties. Be sure to stay cool when you can.
Have a joyful 4th of July and I hope you get to feeling like yourself in no time ♥
Blessings, Dawn

Angie Berry said...

I haven't but my husband has. It's hot out there and you just need to make sure you are careful. He even had to call in work and use a vacation day because he was overheated and he's never had problems like this before until this year. I'm not sure what it is. Just be sure you take care of yourself. You are more important than green beans!!!!