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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Enjoy your Summer

Create and Decorate had these suggestions listed on their email list and I thought this would be a fun way to destress life  so I am sharing their ideas with you.
So far I have taken a trip to the mountains and enjoyed the COLD water with my family and we had a blast and it was so relaxing.  Here we are in the water.
Here we are stuffing our faces.LOL

For years people swam to the rocks and jumped off them.  There was an Indian that would blast the water and soak tubers all in fun.  Everyone loved it and no one could do as good a job as the Indian.
Two years ago at the sinks, someone dove into the water and wasn't even trying to soak anyone but a lady got splashed by water and filed an assault charge against the swimmer.  He didn't touch her, just the water.  The Townsend police laughed and told her if you get in the water, you are going to get splashed.  Well she went to the Blount County Sheriff and filed an assault charge and this man got put on two years probation.
So because of this one lady, the park has had to put no climbing and or jumping off rocks at every swimming hole in the mountains.  If they catch you climbing or jumping, you get fined $75.00.  I think this is soooo sad.  I can't believe one person should be able to control the majority on anything including having fun in the mountains.  Oh well.....
I can't hang the sheets out because of my allergies (sad) but I do plan on doing as many of these ideas as I can.  Sounds like fun to me!


Janet said...

My goodness, what a party pooper. lol

Sounds like your having fun.

Have a great Memorial Day.

Take care, Janet W

yorkie's primitives said...

We did Janet! I hope you had one too, Valerie