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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Time to DeWeed!

Last year I stayed so sick for soooooo long that I didn't get to take care of my flower bed.  So this year I am playing double make-up.LOL  I lost all but one of my miniature rose bushes and my favorite dark red rose bush last year.(sad)  but I did save one of my favorite miniature rose bushes and my lilac rose bush so that's good.
I started deweeding my flower bed last week and worked on it again this morning and almost have it finished.  I plan on finishing it this Saturday.  But I couldn't wait to show you pics of my flowers.
My hydrangea bush is just now blooming.  When it gets in full bloom they will be a beautiful bluish purple.

My azalea bushes are in a flower bed next to my pond.  Last year I found out that pine needles are really good for them so I surrounded them with pine needles and they really bloomed this year.


Here are my rose bushes.

Here are my Lilies

I can't wait until Saturday.  I am going to put another layer of plastic down, cover it with mulch and cover that with pine needles. around my rose bushes.  As you can tell, I love gardening!  Now if I could only convince my rose bushes I am helping them so that they won't bite me I wouldn't look like I have been in a cat fight.LOL


Jan - Life on Buttermilk Hill said...

That's exactly the job I need to do if I can get my lazy self out there! Once I get out there, I love weeding and cleaning up beds! Your roses, lilies and hydrangeas are lovely-- I had lots of roses at our last house--Double Delight and Tiffany were my favorites. I just saw a new hydrangea on the market last week that was stunning. Now that they are cleaned up, stay outside and enjoy your flowers!!--Jan

Wicked Faerie Queen said...

Everything looks lovely. It is still so cool here in my part of Canada nothing is blooming.

Happy gardening

Beyond The Attic Door said...

Valerie, I LOVE lilies!! Yours are beautiful. I just added your button to my blog. I hope you'll add mine to yours. Kristine