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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Busy, Busy Saturday

Today has been a busy, busy day. IT'S GARDEN TIME!!! YEAH!!! So once again, this year I am trying something new. We planted the usual, green beans, tomatoes, okra, cucumbers, radishes and green onions.

And last year, I planted broom corn and sweet annie for the first time and LOVED it. So this year I planted them again. They don't sell sweet annie seeds around here so I took the seeds off of some of last years and planted it. Can't wait to see if it works.
But, this year, I planted Popcorn. My Mom use to tell me of how her Dad always planted popcorn, saved it in a jar and popped it over the fireplace during the winter. Said it was delicious. So I am going to try it this year. Can't wait to see if it works! Wish me luck!
And last but not least, I am planting pinto beans.LOL Ran into a man at the co-op and he was looking for pinto beans for his wife. Well, they don't sell them. So I am soaking some pinto beans in water and later this afternoon, I am going to go plant them. Chester has laughed me out of the garden. But, what the hey, with the price of pinto beans, if it works, look at the money I have saved. And if it doesn't, I have lost two handfuls of pinto beans. Figure start out slow and see what it does. If it works, I'll plant a bunch next year.
And as a bonus, when I took the seeds off my sweet annie, it left some adorable little stems that will be perfect for additives in my prims. And it still had the aroma!!! So I have had a great but busy Saturday. How's your day?
Tomorrow I am going to post a really cute idea for our friendly birds. Be sure and check
Until next time...
Here's picture of sweet annie stems.