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Monday, April 20, 2009

Everywhere a label, label

Yorkie's Primitives had a label, eeh eye, eee eye, oh. ....Everywhere a label, label.LOL

I have gone label crazy. But I just love them! As promised, I am posting pics of my finished jars with my labels on them. Now don't you agree that this is just tooo cute? Just looks more homey.

Before: After:
Not only did I make labels for my pinto beans and coffee, I made one for my bacon grease! I just love that label. Looks so much cuter sitting on my stove. And wait until you see what I have come up with tomorrow!!
Until next time....


NancyD said...

Yorkie, I LOVE those labels! They look so cute and prim, I'm going to be making them when I get home!! LOL

Sage said...

Hey Yorkie! LOVIN' the labels girl!! How are you making them?? I've made some, turned out ok, gotta redo a few, but love the labels thing for sure!!