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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Prosperous weekend

Well I had a prosperous weekend. I went to rummage sales Friday and found a set of lock jars with seals for $1.00 for 3. Couldn't believed it! Then they had a Raggedy Ann & Andy doll for $1.00 each. Since I LOVE Raggedies and very seldom find the two together I grabbed them. Finally, a tin bucket for 50 cents.

I have already decided what to do with the jars. I hate to open pinto beans and spill them everywhere so the large jar is going to hold pinto beans. The middle jar is for coffee. And not sure about the small. Two out of three isn't bad. And since I have gone label crazy, they will have labels on them also. I can't wait until tomorrow to show the end results but tonight you get to see the jars and dolls. Still haven't decided what I will do with the pail. Anybody got any ideas?

Saturday we planted part of our garden. We got our green beans and okra planted. Then Chester planted tomatoes and is now hoping the cold weather doesn't kill them. Keep your fingers crossed.
So how was your weekend? Until next time...