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Sunday, April 26, 2009

For Our Feathered Friends

I saw this Saturday at a garden center and just couldn't wait to share it with my blog friends. I think this is the cutest idea for our feathered friends to help them in building their nest. And it is so cheap!!

All you need is a suet feeder and a journey outside. All you do is fill a suet feeder with anything that you think a bird will use to build its nest. This would be such a cute idea to share with your children or grandchildren.
You can teach them the importance of birds and the beauty they bring to our world.
I used this as an excuse to cut the dead honeysuckle vine out of my bushes, picked up sticks in the yard and threw in some grassy moss. Then I cut some dead leaves off my broom corn and added some twine, close it up and let the birds choose what they want. I may add some ribbon and pearls. What do you think?
I loved this idea so much that I took our children's church kids outside today and had a scavenger hunt. We live right below our church so I just took them to my yard. They picked up all their twigs and vines and even their own dried grass. Next Sunday we are going to let them make this for their Mother's Day Gift. I think this is just too cool. Check it out and see what you think.
Here it is in my garden. I can't wait to see what they choose to decorate their home. Until next time...